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      .   DADT: I Have a Screed

  • Knowledge management, faith, and a profile
  • My online encyclopedia and blogs: knowledge management
  • Reputation intelligence, to protect branding, would look at blogs
  • Making electronic communications evaporate
  • Jurisprudence slate.com column on blogs; concerns about unemployment claims
  • Turinit.com and copyright controversy
  •       Student Profiles, Teacher Blogs and Schools

          Parsing Grownups and Kids on the Web: COPA: The Child Online Protection Act of 1998

          Sensible Policies to Solve the Spam Problem

          A Simple Way to Reduce Identity Theft

          Log on Major Internet Issues

         Blogs and campaign finance reform

         Trademark Dilution Act of 2005

         Inducing infringement of Copyrights Act

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    GLBT Issues

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  • Screenwriting software, and a Secret Window
  • Reel Affirmations DC GLBT Film Festival
  • Project in Progress: Don't Ask Don't Tell from Dream Outloud Films
  • Project in progress: American Lynching
  • Project Greenlignt -- and amber
  • International Diversity Film Market
  • Lunafest DC Shorts Sept 2006
  • DC Shorts Film Festival Sept 2006
  • Minneapolis screening and discussion of self-distributed Film by Kacques Thelemaque, "The Dogwalker"
  • The Puffy Chair
  • This Film Is Not Yet Rated
  • My Country; War Tapes; In Shifting Sands; The Dreams of Sparrows
  • Sunset Script conference (Events)
  • World Trade Center; United 93: Is Hollywood really ready for 9/11 films?
  • WTC View; 25th Hour
  • Islam: What the West Needs to Know

    Bill's Book Reviews: http://billsbookreviews.blogspot.com

    An Idiot's Gude to Understanding Islam

    Redlener's Americans at Risk

    Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code

    Jennifer Roback Morse: Love and Economics: Why the Laissez-Faire Family Doesn't Work

    Elinor Burkett's The Baby Boon  

    David Boz: Libertarianism: Primer and Reader

     Barbara Ehrenreich: Nickel and Dimed

    Bill's drama and stage reviews: http://billsdramareviews.blogspot.com 

  • Outline of a project plan to implement a due diligence mechanism protecting personal identity
  • FTC link; conversation at NBC4 Expo in Washington
  • AARP warns about scams for medical treatment
  • One defense is a credit freeze

    Bill's discussion of Internet content labeling:  http://billboushkafil.blogspot.com/

    Bill retires  (entries regarding social security and retirement): http://billretires.blogspot.com

  • Another topic: real estate tax relief
  • Readers question philosophy of social security
  • Social Security early retirement: infrequently asked questions
  • Social Security: Early retirement and the Annual Earnings Test
  • Social Security retirement benefits: General Introduction
  • Private Defined Benefit Pensions and Social Security Offset
  • Defined Contribution Plans: 401K's and IRA's
  • Private Defined Benefit Pension Stability
  • Jobs for the recently retired
  • Bill Boushka retire
  • International Issues Blog