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I welcome contacts about any legitimate business idea or matter. I am interested mainly in content development and deployment (that could be sold to media companies), not in mass direct marketing or pyramids. Currently, I am not accepting advertising, although this may well resume later, possibly on a distinct site. 

The simplest way to contact me is email at JBoushka@aol.com.  Please specify a legitimate return email address and phone.

I generally do not allow or respond to Instant Messages when online. Please contact me by one of the methods (email, phone, or mail) given here; email is usually the fastest, as I check it frequently. (I would use IM only if pre-arranged for a specific chat session with a specific party/)

Phone (cell, with answering machine) is 571-334-6107. Please use only this phone number.  I usually answer at once, unless I am driving or in a theater, etc. In rare cases I may fail to answer properly and give a missed call. If that happens, please try again a bit later, or leave a message.

For business contacts, if possible, it is potentially helpful if the caller does NOT prevent Verizon Wireless from saving the number as an �incoming� or �missed� call.  If I fail to pick up, if can happen because I am driving, or simply mishandle the phone, or don't have a good signal. Please leave a message, or retry soon.

All contacts (by phone, email, instant message, chat, US mail or private carriers, or any other method) must be for lawful purposes only.  I do not look at or respond to spam. Nothing in this or any other website of mine or any other book or media provided by me should be presumed or misconstrued, by anyone with any particular cultural way of interpreting media, as an invitation for, promotion of or procurement of any illegal activity.

Rest assured: There is no identifying information about individuals or visitors to my sites stored on my sites. That is, there are no SSN's, credit or debit card numbers, bank accounts, telephone numbers, email addresses, or postal home addresses (email addresses in non-scannable form may be stored when requested, and business addresses may be provided in unusual instances when appropriate).  Bibliographic links are provided, and link exchange requests are welcome.

There are no credit cards processed at this site. For e-commerce regarding books see http://www.doaskdotell.com/content/obtain.htm   Sometimes Amazon searches on my first book bring up the older one (1997). I have instructions there as to how to find the newer (2000 reprint) one from iUniverse, which is to be preferred.

There have been instances where one of my Internet screennames has been "spoofed" as the "sender" of spam, usually by viruses or worms (which find names to spoof within caches on other people's infected machines). A few of these bounce back to me. The reader should know that I did NOT send these; I do not send large-volume email broadcasts. "Spoofing" of email addresses by viruses and works and other spam activities is a well-known problem, and it cannot be prevented until software vendors provide more secure email protocols.

Please note also the domain name disclaimer on the home page for this domain. I have no business connection with any other similarly named domain name or business.

Link exchanges: I sometimes receive invitations to exchange links. I have been honoring those that are appropriate, lawful (as above), and in good taste. I do not provide links to "pornography" sites, but will provide links to sites that present adult information or subject matter in a responsible matter (for example, information about STD prevention is OK). I am planning a new site that is more technical and related to solving issue-driven problems in a non-polarizing way. On that site (but not this one) I will seek advertisers and sponsors and require payment for links (but would present ads in a manner customary on commercial websites).  

For search engine issues, go to http://www.doaskdotell.com/searchpg.htm

Technical note: I have most often tested this site with Internet Explorer. With Mozilla or Netscape, a "site default" line shows on the index page, and sometimes em dashes print as fractions (3/4). Also, a few test pages using XSL do not display properly with Mozilla. I am working on the idea of CSS sheets for some future pages.


US Mail contact is

John W. Boushka

4201 Wilson Blvd STE 110-688

Arlington, VA 22203-1859

Please visit the "disclaimers" (terms of service) page.

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Last Updated: July 15, 2021