For readers' convenience, I have placed the entire text of my book at this web site. I don't expect customers to read it back-to-back in this format (and I strongly recommend purchasing the hardcopy book), but it will help readers with research (using search engines or word processor edit searches). These are HTML text files, browsable directly without downloading. Footnotes are presented at the bottom of each file.

The book does have some mature content. It is recommended for individuals over eighteen and for high-school students with teacher, mentor, or parental support.

I am providing both the text of the book as published in July 1997, and four chapters submitted to commercial literary agents in the Spring of 1996 but never before published.

Please see copyright information at the end of this page.

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Bktxt02i for the 2002 “Do Ask, Do Tell: When Liberty is Stressed” monograph

Bktxt98I for the 1998 "Our Fundamental Rights" Book (NEW)

Bktxt97I for the 1997 DADT Book   (or view at, specifically at

Bktxt96I for the extra 4 chapters from 1996

Bor2    for monograph on Bill of Rights 2 for Do Ask, Do Tell: When Liberty Is Stressed


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Bktxt98a for the 1998 "Our Fundamental Rights" Book (NEW)

Bktxt97A for the 1997 DADT Book

(this page makes Microsoft Word 97 versions with inline original footnotes available)

Bktxt96A for the extra 4 chapters from 1996


From either site:

Bktxt87I for the 1987 manuscript "Perspectives on Liberty" (web posting still in progress)

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