How to obtain the Do Ask Do Tell-GC,  Our Fundamental Rights and Bill of Rights 2 books.

For images of the book covers please visit this link.

I now maintain all detailed book purchase and availability information on this page, which is equipped for ordering from me (future e-commerce).

You may also find the books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as shown there.

I also have an essay published as “Homosexuality Should Be Discussed in High Schools” as part of the book Teenage Sexuality: Opposing Viewpoints. Edited by Ken R. Wells, Greenhaven Press/Thomson Gale, Farmingham Hills, MI, 2006, ISBN:  0-7377-3326-4  0-737703363-4, from the Opposing Viewpoints Series. Here is the Amazon link: link:   Here is a commentary.

In the fall of 2000 I circulated a booklet ‘Bill of Rights 2 and Related Subjects” in print.  This was replaced by the second “Do Ask Do Tell” book, “When Liberty Is Stressed”.

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