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The full URL for sequel DADT III "Speech Is a Fundamental Right, Being Listened to Is a Privilege, link to XLibris site, as of 2.27.2014;  also pro marketing site (renewed thru Mar 2016).

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I also have an essay published as “Homosexuality Should Be Discussed in High Schools” as part of the book Teenage Sexuality: Opposing Viewpoints. Edited by Ken R. Wells, Greenhaven Press/Thomson Gale, Farmingham Hills, MI, 2006, ISBN:  0-7377-3326-4  0-737703363-4, from the Opposing Viewpoints Series. Here is the Amazon link: link:   Here is a commentary.

Here is a table of my DADT and OFR books:








Books in Print

Do Ask, Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back:

Individualism, Identity, Personal Rights, Responsibility and Community in a Libertarian Third Millennium


(13 digits):


Writers’ Club Press (,

2021 Pine Lake Rd STE 100

Lincoln, Neb. 68512


Browsable in html (graphics) at


6x9 paperback,

540 pgs, 12-point

about 184,000 words, endnotes.

This is a second printing

(September, 2000)


In stock at doaskdotell; and listed by major retailers, will be available through all conventional retailers and e-commerce sites. Retailers should contact for wholesale quotes   also kindle


Do Ask, Do Tell (as above)



High Productivity Publishing (name in effect until 2005),

Alexandria Va. and Minneapolis, Mn

6 x 9 paperback,

350 pages

10-point about 175,000 words, footnotes on pages

First printing

(Book manufacturer’s printing)

(July, 1997)

(not available)



Residuals at some retail and e-commerce sites only; no longer sold by

December, 1997 (Forthcoming), October, 1998 (Books in Print)

Do Ask, Do Tell (as above)


High Productivity Publishing (name in effect until 2005)

Browsable in html at  

9 x 11 manuscript, 10 point, footnotes, 256 pages, 187,000 words, footnotes, indexed

Printed July, 1997 and continually on demand since


Furnished non-commercially as samples when justified by circumstances,

Printed on demand

(to students), but not after iUniverse version arrives


Our Fundamental Rights and How We Can Reclaim Them: A Psychological Approach


High Productivity Publishing

6 x 9 paperback,

10 point, 91 pages, 40,000 words

[Dec 1998]


Yes, ample stock, all commercial outlets


Bill of Rights 2 and Related Subjects Note: this item will be replaced this autumn 2002 with Do Ask, Do Tell: When Liberty is Challenged


High Productivity Publishing

9 x 11 monograph, 48 pages, 35,000 words

[Sept 2000]


Not now; superseded by "When Liberty Is Stressed" book from iUniverse, next entry


Do Ask, Do Tell: When Liberty Is Stressed; Updates to "Bill of Rights 2"; Essays on Challenges to Free Speech and to Other Liberties Note: this item replaces BOR2


(13 digits):


Writers' Club Press (iUniverse)

6 x 9 paperback, 216 pages, 60,000 words, includes BOR2 slide illustrations

[Dec 2002]


Yes, on demand through now through iUniverse only; Published by iUniverse and Writers Club Press, ISBN 0-595-26059-4, published 12/16/2002, available at e-commerce sites,



Do Ask, Do Tell: Speech Is a Fundamental Right; Being 'Listened to' Is a Privilege" 0-9656744-4-4 temp. perm 978-4391-6008-2 soft XLibris 6x9 322 pages, hardcover, soft TBA ($-Ask) Yes, on demand through Xlibris, Amazon, etc. Kinlde soon  

When contacted will ship the purchaser a copy(s) of the book (except for Do Ask, Do Tell--see next paragraph) and submit an invoice. Payment is due upon receipt, “honor system,” by check. Minnesota residents must add 6-1/2% sales tax.  Customers wishing to use credit cards should visit any major e-commerce site, such as,,, and Writers Club Press own the rights to manufacturing and distributing the physical hardcopies of Do Ask, Do Tell (both books), and that publisher sets the retail prices. Customers are encouraged to visit the e-commerce links given above for credit-card purchase. The current contractural arrangement is that the book remains available from this publisher through June, 2004. It is catalogued as "Politics/Government" on iUniverse. I do have an inventory of the iUniverse printing and in some appropriate cases complimentary copies are available (as to students) from me. Wholesale book distributors, libraries, and retail outlets should contact iUniverse for purchase. I (the author) do have the right to negotiate with other parties for subsidiary sales (electronic, motion pictures, etc.).

My purpose in writing these books is to stimulate discussion about certain libertarian ideas and proposals. I do want to establish myself as an author; but immediate financial gain is NOT my objective. Persons wishing to submit materials to me, new authors, and anyone else with general business questions should refer to the link submit.htm at this site. Persons with business questions should refer to info.htm.

Anyone may obtain information about any of these book by contacting me at my email address

or by phone at 571-334-6107 or mail at Bill Boushka t/a High Productivity Publishing, 4201 Wilson Blvd, #110-688, Arlington VA 22203-1859. You may send a fax to DOASKDOTELL to the Jfax number 612-677-3246.

There is a video (called simply “Do Ask, Do Tell”) of my speech at Hamline University (St. Paul, Mn.) of February 25, 1998 (on crutches, from an acetabular fracture!) The speech was broadcast on the Liberty Program on Twin Cities Public Access cable, and was sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota. Some of the material on the video is usable commercially, but this is just a "beginning" (for further film or DVD project work).


Library of Congress Catalog Numbers: Do Ask, Do Tell: ISBN 0-9656744-0-1 Library of Congress catalog 97-93949. (copyright registration TX 4-571-548 7-21-1997)

Call number is Dewey Decimal 305.38/9664/092 B Library of Congress Call Number. HQ75.8.B66A3 1997  LOC Control Number is 97093949

Our Fundamental Rights: ISBN 0-9656744-2-8 Library of Congress catalog 98-96799

(copyright registration TX4-915-026 1-8-1999). Call number is JC 599.USB594 1998. LOC Control Number is 98096799

The easiest way to access this information is to visit and use the Keyword search.


RR Bowker (Books in Print) information:

RR Bowker Accession (subscribers only) 47466262. DADT appears in the October 1998 RR Bowker Books in Print, p. 2553 under Titles (it had first appeared in Forthcoming Books in December 1997).  In October 2000 it appears on p. 2979 of Authors and 1181 of Titles.  

DADT does not appear in the 2001-2002 Books in Print because it is now available only from iUniverse as a print-on-demand book, and currently these are lot listed in library copies of Books in Print.


RR Bowker Subject References:  for 2000-2001


Do Ask Do Tell:  Gays – Identity p 6279

                           Gays –Political Activity p 6281

Our Fundamental Rights:   Human Rights p 7303