(2019/11/29): This is an old page. The latest material for the treatment of the film that I would present in a pitch session is Template chart and it is not complete; there will also be a Microsoft Access database to check for plot holes. The film now would be called "Epiphany". The rest of this page gives some older ideas from the time period 1998-2002. I have have made one impromptu pitch for this film already and expect to have another major conversation about this in February 2020. There are some interesting older ideas on the rest of this page, and I'll leave them here for now for reference. Expect major changes to this page in January 2020.

Welcome to the home page for a daring book, and possibly drama and movie project.

The files in this directory are a copy of doaskdotell.com. That URL is being migrated to and consolidated with ...com(obsolte).

Temporarily, some references in this copy may not work yet.

The most up-do-date movie proposal is discused at >Movie Progress Report

Some of this new proposal material is proprietary and cannot yet be published. The proposals here are older, but contain some material in the current proposal

Later I will publish the treatment of the latest proposal, the screenplay, and some visual materials for Quicktime or SMIL

ANNOUNCEMENT 1/10/2002.    (link obsolete)

Fast link to progress  

Note: This site (and the DADT book described) has no current business connection with any other entity (including any publishing or media entity) that may be publicly using the phrase "do ask do tell" (presently, in the past, or in the future), including any entity operating a web site with similar domain name (even with a different TLD). This phrase has a subtle social and political meaning and probably does not lend itself to transaction-oriented branding. For business info. see my INFO link and my OBTAIN link. 

Well, maybe the phrase should be

"Don't Ask but Do Tell" - that would invoke both privacy and expression. 

"Do Ask, Do Tell" has become a generic term associated with honesty and coming out. The term also, to me, connotes the dissolution of old-fashioned hypocrisy, adversarialism and political correctness and replacement with a focused individualism. It suggests a certain contempt for allowing people to remain comfortable with cultural ignorance, and perhaps it suggests a certain arrogance. So be it! With a slightly different bent, one could propose the phrase, "Don't Ask, Do Tell," but that would sound chicken! A mainstream implementation of this "do ask do tell" motto would be, "Put everything on the table."  Any other use of the phrase along these cultural lines could fit into the film.

For other uses of the "do ask do tell" phrase visit this link..


WILL THERE BE A DO ASK, DO TELL Movie? Here is the original proposal, early 1999:

LINK TO 9-2002 PROGRESS REPORT  (Obsolete)

For the time being, other material at this site is left alone. Please view the proposals given at this link as the latest.

Mini-film and mini budget

I have completed a draft screenplay based on this concept now.

I am looking into economically viable ways to produce it locally in the Twin Cities (Jan. 2002).

There is a video of my speech at Hamline University (St. Paul, Mn.) of February 25, 1998 (on crutches, from an acetabular fracture!) The speech was broadcast on the Liberty Program on Twin Cities Public Access cable, and was sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota. Some of the material on the video is usable, but this is just a "beginning."

Intermediate independent film

Large independent film

I am also developing a "audience character hook" fiction plot treatment, which would demonstrate all of the concepts (for larger budget proposals). Details are not yet ready for publication. (5/2002)

I am also planning to publish a short sequel to the "Do Ask Do Tell" book. It would be called Do Ask, Do Tell: When Liberty Is Challenged. Details are at this link. Expect availability in September 2002.

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