IDEAS FOR MOVIE PROPOSAL (under development -- a screenplay is now being written)

Film Title would be:

Do Ask, Do Tell: How America Came Out

The film would open, wide screen, with a young man addressing an audience having dinner in the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg, Va.  Despite the Panavision, it would be shot close-up, Hitchcock style.

The first line of the script would be

"Public speaking is easy."

A Qualye-ism (or perhaps a Gore-ism.)

"Laugh a little, cry a little."

Young narrator, who is babysitting but expecting relief so that he can make Protagonist's matriculation dinner engagement, admits to the audience that he never really understood what earlier generations grew up with--and bridging generations is what it takes for younger people like him to take their world to never levels of freedom.  

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StoryBoard for Proposed Film

StoryBoard for Proposed Mini-Film

Proposal for a Larger Independent Film

For Zarathustra's going down [the "Bill Boushka" project]

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