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I can't make you do anything: I can only point you to the truth and hope that you do the right thing with it.

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Do Ask Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back  (1997; 2000)

Our Fundamental Rights and How We Can Reclaim Them (1998)

Do Ask Do Tell: When Liberty Is Stressed (2002)

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Blogs and recent issues:  (09/2006 to present (2009): archived links for these blogs: go here; blogs are updated frequently). All blogs have been converted to "New Blogger".  The privacy policy for these blogs is here.

01 General Technology (and sometimes candidly personal) Blog -- solving major ethical, security and legal issues;  (New Wordpress blog, in development)
02 International Issues Blog
03 Ideas for preventing identity theft; suggestion of a major project
04 The Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 (bill in Congress) (year had been "2005" and still is that in blog name)
05 Internet Freedom and Non-Discrimination Act of 2006 ("network neutrality" bill in Congress)
06 Major issues
07 GLBT issues
08 Safer Use of the Internet
09 Films documenting natural (or manmade) disasters that could threaten personal freedom and autonomy
10 Some approaches to filtering or labeling Internet content (and COPA trial in Philadelphia)
11 Information Technology Job Market
12 Book Review Blog
13 Television Reviews Blog      NEW! Television Reviews Feed        
14 Movies Blog
15 Drama and concert music Blog
16 Retirement income blog

Recent "most important" blog entries:

What's going on in "our World"?

On blog 01:  Postings of copyright trolls (including Righthaven); more on "do not track"; Report on EFF's new legal guide for bloggers (2009/02/14); report on Potomac Tech Wire Internet Outlook conference (2009/02/12); Facebook privacy flap (2009/02/17); Newspapers and free online content (2009/02/19); "To Obey is Better than to Sacrifice" (2009/03/17); Report on Citizen's Media Law Project (2009/04/27); Report on ex parte blogging (2009/05/21); expanded business privacy policy (2009/05/25); People fired over Facebook (2010/08/06) .

On blog 02: Reports on major problems with Internet speech overseas (week of 2009/02/09); Chinese censorship and "asymmetry" (2009/03/10)

On blog 06: Issues for teachers and responsibility for discipline (2009/03/14); A(H1N1) influenza and "social distancing" (2009/04/28).

On blog 07: "Don't ask don't tell" repeal and certification of repeal; SLDN rally and lobby day (2009/03/13); National Dinner (03/14)

On blog 08: Report on plans for "new Internet" requiring users to be licensed (2009/02/15)

On blog 12: Palm Center's new book on "don't ask don't tell" (2009/03/11); book on mountaintop removal (2009/05/07)

On blog 13: Bernanke speaks (2009/03/16); Judge Judy (03/17)

On blog 14: Report on "Saw" movies and effect on people's behavior (2009/02/15); Report on FilmfestDC (late April 2009); Report on "Hillary the Movie" and "Outrage" (2009/05/02).

On blog 16: Report on various forms of eldercare legal arrangements (2009/02/10) ; blogs about caregiving (03/10); CCRC (2010/07/19); Means testing (2010/08/14)


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