This was the legal name of the proprietorship that published the first version of my “Do Ask Do Tell” book as well as the “Our Fundamental Rights” book before I went with cooperative publishing.   See http://www.doaskdotell.com/hppub  for information regarding the old domain hppub dot com. 


Here is the link indicating the most likely locations of files on the new site. Please look at this site if you are having trouble finding the material, or have just visited the old site.


I do  have this phrase as an assumed name in Arlington, VA. 


Since I am using a cooperative publisher, I may discontinue using this assumed name later in 2005. Should my relationship with the cooperative publisher be discontinued, I might resume using it, only for the formality of retaining the purchased ISBN numbers (see link below). However, the website name will be known as this one, http://www.doaskdotell.com


This phrase was also used as a domain name.  The domain name has been better known as a “nickname,” hppub.com     That name is also being discontinued as on July 30, 2005, with most content being moved to this site doaskdotell.com


Given the way domain names are used and sold,. it is possible for a third party to take over this domain name. If this happens, please understand that there is no connection between me and that third party, or between the former use of that domain name and the third party. You may find this name printed on the “Our Fundamental Rights” book or on copies of the first printing of the “Do Ask Do Tell” book; finding that would not imply any connection with any other party that uses that name in the future.


There are a couple of reasons for this. I believe that I can sell the content more effectively to investors at some point if it is under one domain name. Furthermore, the legal and ethical climate in the Internet is not as freewheeling as it was a few years ago, with there being greater risk of unintended dilution of similar wordmarks or trademarks of other or future entities. Generally, an individual today ought to use only one “.com” domain name not based on himself to offer free content.


I spend very little time actually “operating” an established business, since I conduct few sales myself. Sometimes there are requests for reprint or for permissions. Most time is spent with content developed from my own initiative, without specific customers now, but for eventual presentation to agents and other possible customers in the future. The time that is spend (however small) in operational matters is tracked. (See also the note at the end of this file about other authors’ books.)


Legal information about High Productivity Publishing (through 7/30/2005)


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Sales and ISBN information 


Books for sale


Original conflict of interest rules


Reprint permissions


(these were in effect when I worked for an insurance company as an individual contributor through the end of 2001) .


Original Mission Statement   (original content rules)  (original paradigm)




Knowledge publication


Note: This site does not distribute or sell other author’s books. For help with a special order situation, I recommend Ingram Books:

http://www.ingrambook.com  especially http://www.ingrambook.com/programs/default.asp  For motion pictures, I recommend http://www.imdb.com which provides up-to-date distributor information for most films, even very small and obscure films, for a small subscription fee.


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