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This is an in-development home page. It will be upgraded or replaced in first half of 2004 with something snazzier. Doaskdotell.com is being rebuilt on a Windows 2003 server  A summary of my contact info is at this link.

There is no (business) connection between this domain and any other domain with the same prefix but a different tld (top level domain name) suffix, or with any other subdomain of any other domain (except my own  - see point 8).  There is also no other connection with any business, organizational or other entity anywhere on the planet (except as associated with me and my proprietorship, as explained in detail at this link). "Do Ask Do Tell" here is intended to convey a political discourse concept (not just a narrow commercial concept like a specific brand). Two of my books (point 11) have titles that begin with this phrase.

Also, the latest round with the challenge to the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 (against which I am a sub-litigant) apparently will occur on March 2, 2004 with oral arguments before the Supreme Court. Details are at this link. Note: There is no pornography on any of my sites or books.

Before I go on: Here is a show-biz emergency: Bring Back Jake 2.0  Also a note about Smallville. And finally, is Disney censoring Michael Moore for his new treatment of 9-11?

This site presents an objective approach (that I call "Do Ask, Do Tell") to social and political issues, where arguments and counter-arguments are directly compared. The concept comports with the notion of "open source."

Although it originated with resisting the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays, the approach applies to any social problem balancing individual freedom with supposed collective welfare.

The three major components this approach are:

  1.  Books (on-demand)
  2. Educational Database Proposal

A conceptual discussion appears on my assessment essay, which includes some mini-film loglines at the end.

Here is a comparison of what is offered on this site with my other two sites.

This site (doaskdotell.com) will emphasize motion picture and theater proposals, and also provide the infrastructure for a political theory database using Microsoft .NET facilities. A few static links to "hot topics" are also presented here.

Hppub.com presents materials associated with my three books: the text in html for browing, expanded footnotes, movie/book/drama reviews that relate the entertainment content back to political thought, and comments or contributions from other readers. It also provides commercial purchase information for the books, at  http://www.doaskdotell.com/content/obtain.htm. Hppub.com was associated with a proprietorship called High Productivity Publishing, which was my original self-publishing imprint. Detailed information about this is at http://www.hppub.com/info.htm. You can email me at JBoushka@aol.com or use this email cgi form.

Now follows a list of ad-hoc items:

1) Here is a general discussion.

2) obsolete

3) Here is a link to Bill of Rights 2 table (right now it is static html on this server; I plan to convert it to a database access soon) is


4) Here is  is a link to a sample Political Argument table. Right now, it is still static.


5) Here is a general discussion of my film proposals.

6) Here is a link to a progress report on my film proposals. This is a work in progress and will change considerably in early 2004. Right now there are two full-length screenplay drafts, and some of this material has been shared in workshops. More details should be forthcoming as appropriate.

http://doaskdotell.com/dadtprog.htm    (9-11 issues at http://doaskdotell.com/t911.htm)

Also see the "screenplay or novel?" discussion.

7) Here is my new movie wishlist for 2004.

8) The original doaskdotell.com content is at http://www.hppub.com/doaskdotell

or http://doaskdotell.com/doaskdind.htm

9) The "do ask do tell aphorisms" are now at http://www.doaskdotell.com/dadt/aphor.htm10) Here is a list of  movies, videos, plays and books (links to my reviews) that deal with "don't ask, don't tell" and homosexuals in the military.

11) Link for information about my books.

12) Some short film (landscape) mini-clips and pictures ("rated G")

13) Short listserv note on same-sex marriage; On the issue of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage (letter to Congress)

14) Notes on being a new writer

15) Child Online Protection Act (COPA) oral argument summary, and historical summary

16) My resume   thesis information from graduate school Discussion of outsourcing  for employers of me

17) Short discussion of corporate blogging policies

18) More on movie piracy

19) Special comment on government warning about terrorism May 26, 2004.


Last updated May 26, 2004

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Here is a list of the database contents.


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