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00000001 Transformers III Paramount Michael Bay major sci-fi, apocalypse 2011 M
00000002 Hey, Boo   Harper Lee documentary, drama 2010, 1962 M
00000003 Battle LA Columbia Jonathan Liebesman major sci-fi, apocalypse 2011 M
00000004 Skyline Rogue Strause Brothers major sci-fi, apocalypse 2010 M
00000005 Psychosis Lionsgate Reg Traviss horror 2010 M
00000006 Intern Nation   Ross Perlin labor  2011 B
00000007 Everything's Cool   Daniel B. Gold, J. Helfand climate change 2007 M
00000008 It Takes a Long Time...; 4 Songs; Kreisleriana   Timo Andres (& Gerard Grisey, Robert Schumann) music comp/perf 2010 O
00000009 Shy and Mighty; Homestretch Concerto; Mozart Concerto 26 Recomposition; Paraphrase; IgigStuidos experimental music Nonesuch; IgigiStudios (three separate items on this card) Timo Andres  music comp 2010 O, M
00000010 Ask Not   Johnny Simons documentary, LGBT, DADT 2008 M
00000011 Suits   Kevin Bray TV series 2011 TS
00000012 The Event NBC Nick Wauters TV series 2010 TS
00000013 Flash Forward   Brannon Barga TV series 2009 TS
00000014 Emerging Viruses & Vac.   Len Horowitz Lecture 2004 L
00000015 We're All Angels   Robert Nunez documentary, LGBT  2008 M
00000016 For the Bible Tells Me So First Run Daniel Karsdale documentary, LGBT 2007 M
00000017 X-Men: First Class   Bryan Singer comics 2011 M
00000018 13 Days New Line John Donaldson history 2000 M
00000019 Harry Potter   David Yates fantasy 2011 M
00000020 The Natural Family: A Manifesto   Carlson, Mero social commentary 2007 B
00000021 Garrison Keillor PBS American Masters biography 2009 TS
00000022 Friends with Benefits   Will Gluck indie comedy 2011 M
00000023 Captain America   Joe Johnston comics, military 2011 M
00000024 The Social Network; Accidental Billionaires   David Fincher,Ben Mezrich drama, Internet 2009, 2010 M,B
00000025 Catfish Rogue Ariel Shulman dramedy, Internet 2010 M
00000026 The Facebook Effect   Kirkpatrick biography, Internet 2010 B
00000027 Authoritas   Aaron Greenspan biography, Internet 2008 B
00000028 Inception Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan sci-fi 2010 M, music
00000029 Judas Kiss   J T Tepnapa LGBT, sci-fi 2011 M
00000030 Au Pair, Kansas   J.T. O'Neal LGBT, family 2011 M
00000031 Composing at 17 Washington Post T D Maican music comp 2006 M
00000032 Blogumentary   Chuck Olsen documentary, Internet 2003


00000033 Wuss   Clay Liford comedy, school 2011 M
00000034 We Were Here: Voices from the AIDS Years in San Francisco   David Wessman documentary, GLBT 2011 M
00000035 August   Austin Chick Internet 2008 M
00000036 Everwood Warner Brothers Greg Berlanti TV series 2002 T
00000037 Smallville   Robbins et all; Tom Welling TV series 2001 T
00000038 The 4400 USA Peters TV series 2003 T
00000039 Demographic Winter   Stout documentary, family 2008 M
00000040 The Dogwalker   Jacques Thelemaque comedy 2002 M
00000041 Kids in America   Josh Stohlberg comedy, school 2005 M
00000042 Wieners Screen Gems Mark Stielen comedy 2008 M
00000043 Mustang Sally New Line Iren Koster horror 2004 M
00000044 Jerome's Razor   John Swon drama, New Age 2001 M
00000045 Life as We Know It   Greg Berlanti comedy, family 2010 M
00000046 Cyber.Shockwave   CNN Internet security 2010 T
00000047 The Alzheimer's Project   Maria Shriver medicine 2009 T
00000048 American Lynching   Gode Davis doc fragment, slavery 2003ff M
00000049 Facebook Obsession   CNBC documentary 2011 T
00000050 Student Seduction Lionsgate Peter Svatek drama, school, teachers 2003 M
00000051 Mountaintop Removal   Michael Cusack O'Connll documentary, environment 2007 M
00000052 Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Sge   Viktor Mayer-Schonberger Internet 2010 B
00000053 The Future of Reputation; Understanding Privacy   Daniel Solove Internet 2008 B
00000054 You or Somebody Like You   Chandler Burr fiction 2010 B
00000055  Imajica; The Thief of Always Harper Collins Clive Barker fiction 1991 B
00000056 Farmageddon   Kristin Canty documentary, food 2011 M
00000057 Battle for Blair Mountain   Soledad O'Brien, CNN documentary 2011 T
00000058 Aftermath: Apocalypse 2012   Lawrence Joseph science, disasters,EMP 2010 B
00000059 Could EMP Make U.S. Go Dark?   Richard Muller science, disasters, EMP 2010 T
00000060 To Catch a Predator NBC Chris Hansen Internet, security 2007, 2009 B, T
00000061 A Better Life   Chris Weitz drama, family, immigration 2011 M
00000062 The Big Gay Musical   Fred M. Caruso, Casper Andreas LGBT 2009 M
00000063 Camp Out   Kirk Marcolina and Larry Grimaldi. LGBT 2007 M
00000064 Survival   Russel Honore disasters 2011 B
00000065 Sunset Boulevard   Billy Wilder, A.L. Webber musical, drama 1950, 2011 M, D
00000066 Countdown to Zero   Lucy Walker documentary, security  2010 M
00000067 Milk   Gus van Sant LGBT 2008 M
00000068 The Sex Texts   L. Robert Arthur LGBT 1994 B
00000069 Claire's Knee   Eric Rohmer family, minors 1970 M
00000070 Chess   Bill Rice, etc. chess, musical 2010 D
00000071 Parlor Diplomacy, Katrina Ballads   Ted Hearne music 2011 D,O
00000072 PianoMania   Cibis, Franck music 2011 M
00000073 Reclaiming Fair Use   Aufderheide, Jaszi copyright 2011 B
00000074 Identity Theft: The Michelle Brown Story Lifetime Robert Dornhelm security 2004 M
00000075 A Marine Story   Ned Farr LGBT, DADT 2010 M
00000076 Out of Annapolis   Steve Clark Hall LGBT, DADT 2010 M
00000077 Tell   Tom Murray LGBT, DADT 2008 M
00000078 Playing by the Rules   Justin Elzie LGBT, DADT 2010 B
00000079 Honor Bound Villard Joseph Steffan LGBT, DADT 1992 B
00000080 Copenhagen PBS Michael Frayn/Howard Davies Drama 2002 D,M
00000081 Another American: Asking and Telling; Don't Ask Don't Tell Snag Marc Wolf; Vuguru LGBT 1999, 2011 D, M
00000082 Do Ask Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back Hppub, iUniverse Bill Boushka LGBT 1997, 2000, 2002, 2011 B
00000083 Manager's Guide to Sexual Orientation; Family and Friends' Guide Routledge Powers, Ellis LGBT 1995, 1996 B
00000084 33 Variations Arena Stage Moises Kaufman Drama, music 2007 D
00000085 The Laramie Project; Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine   Moises Kaufman et al Drama, glbt 2002-2010 D,M,T
00000086 Soldier's Girl   Frank Pierson drama, glbt 2003 M,T
00000087 Blog Rules AMA Nancy Flynn; (Tom Drugan) Internet, reputation 2006 B
00000088 2030   Albert Brooks debt, fiction 2011 B
00000089 Opposing Viewpoints: Teenage Sexuality Greenhaven Ken Wells (Bill Boushka) glbt 2006 B
00000090 Revolutionary City   Colonal Williamsburg drama, outdoor 2009 D
00000091 The Most Dangerous Game   Connell, Pickle drama 1933 M
00000092 A Canterbury Tale   Chaucer, Pressburger classic 1944 M (D)
00000093 Bullied   SPLC LGBT 2010 M
00000094 If a Tree Falls POV Marshall Curry documentary, environment 2011 M
00000095 Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats; Myspace unraveled, etc.   Nancy Willard Internet, security 2008 B
00000096 Bugcrush Strand Carter Smith LGBT, short, horror 2006 M
00000097 The Perfect Storm   Sebastian Junger, Wolfgang Petersen nonfiction, climate 1997, 2000 M, B
00000098 Contagion Warner Bros Steven Soderbergh medicine 2011 M
00000099 Restrepo NatGeo Sebastian Junger documentary, terrorism 2010 M
00000100 Lucky Ducks   Tracey Jackson karma 2010 M
00000101 Darius Goes West   Logan Smalley disabilities 2009 M
00000102 The Greening of Southie   Ian Cheney, Curt Ellis environment 2009 M
00000103 Planet in Peril CNN Anderson Cooper environment 2007, 2008 M,T
00000104 Not as I Pictured POV John Kaplan medicine 2011 M,T
00000105 Kaddish Symphony French Natl Orch Leonard Berstein/ Pisar musical symphony 2011 perf (1962) O
00000106 Bedways Strand RP Kahl indie drama, screenwriting 2011 M
00000107 The Road Dimension Hillcoat/Cormac McCarthy apocalypse 2009 M
00000108 The Book of Eli Warner Brothers Hughes apocalypse 2010 M
00000109 From Family Collapse to America's Decline CAE Mitch Pearlstein family 2011, 2000 B
00000110 The War PBS Ken Burns history 2007 T
00000111 A Parents Guide to Preventing ...   Joseph Nicolosi family (right wing) 2002 B
00000112 The Hidden Hitler   Lothar Machtan history 2001 B
00000113 The Cult of the Amateur   Andrew Keen Internet 2007 B
00000114 The Empty Cradle   Phillip Longman demographics 2004 B
00000115 Term Limits Cloak and Dagger Vince Flynn fiction 1997 B
00000116 The Purpose-Driven Life Zondervan Rick Warren religion 2002 B
00000117  Killers Lionsgate Robert Luketic thriller 2010 M
00000118 Look Me in the Eye: My Journey with Asperger's Crown John Elder Robinsin autism 2007 B
00000119 City of Borders PBS Yun Suh LGBT 2010 M
00000120 Revenge ABC   dramatic series 2011 T
00000121 Moneyball Columbia Bennett Miller drama, baseball 2011 M
00000122 Equality U Snag Dave O'Brien documentary,LGBT 2008 M
00000123 My Parents Were Awesome Villard Eliot Glazer anthology, family 2011 B
00000124 Japan's Killer Quake; Survivng the Tsunami PBS   disasters  2011 T
00000125 Four Souls Thomas Nelson Sklar et al spirituality, environment 2007 B
00000126 Be the Change Zondervan Zach Hunter spirituality, environment 2007 B
00000127 The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers; Me2 Closet Case, Alyson Joe Babcock, M. Christian fiction (2) 2001, 2007 B
00000128 Damages iUniverse Bazhe biography, lgbt, balkans, eldercare 2003 B
00000129 International Order and Individual Liberty University Press of America Mark Pietrzyk dissertation 2002 B
00000130 Circumstance Roadside Attractions Maryam Karshavartz Iran, LGBT 2011 M
00000131 Damages (TV) Fox   suspense 2007 T
00000132 Donnie Darko, S. Darko, The Box, Souhtland Tales Fox, NewMarket, Samuel Goldwyb Richard Kelly, Chris Fisher sci-fi 2006-2009 M
00000133 A Good Understanding Decca Nico Muhly music 2010 O
00000134 It Gets Better; WM documentary; WM Gala Silver Anniversary WM Gala Curtis, Tom Baker short, documentary, LGBT 2011 M
00000135 Dancer in the Dark; AntiChrist, Breaking the Waves, Melancholia FineLine, IFC, Lionsgate, Magnolia Lars Van Trier foreign drama, experimental 2000-2009, 2011 M
00000136 Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead October David Lynch experimental 1986-1997 M
00000137 Incendiary, The Willinghame Case self Bailey, Mims documentary, justice 2011 M
00000138 Incendiary  (UK) ThinkFilm, FilmFour Maguire terrorism 2009 M
00000139 The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell HBO; Boy Culture Bailey, Barbato (Belkin et al) LGBT, DADT 2011 M
00000140 Healing our World Sunstar Mary Ruwart libertarianism 1993, 2002 B
00000141 Stormy Whether S-Star Martin Millette certainism 2011 B
00000142 This Is What Love In Action Looks Like Sawed-off; RA Morgan Jon Fox glbt, dadt 2011 M
00000143 Into the Lion's Den Breaking Glass Dan Lantz glbt, horror 2011 M
00000144 Libertarianism: A Primer; The Libertarian Reader Free Press David Boaz political, libertarianism 1996 B
00000145 The Trojan Project; Makers and Takers American Liberty Publishers Edmund Contoski fiction; libertarianism 1997 B
00000146 Homosexuality: The Psychology of the Creative Process Ninth Street Center Paul Rosenfels psychology,LGBT, polarity theory 1972 B
00000147 Loose Change: 9/11: An American Coup Microcinema Daniel Avery 9/11 2009 M
00000148 Men and Marriage; Sexual Suicide Pelican, Quadrangle George Gilder family 1973, 1986 B
00000149 Collateral Murder Wikileaks Bradley Manning military operations 2010 M
00000150 Eureka Shell Oil Shell industry documentary, short 2007 M
00000151 In Time, Logan's Run 20th Century Fox Andrew Niccol sci fi, aging 2011 M
00000152 The Last Days of Osama bin Laden NatGeo Peter Bergen terrorism 2011 T
00000153 Bag It; Plastic Wars: Bhutan DC Environmental Susan Berwaka environment 2010 M,T
00000154 Queer Wars: The Rise of the New Gay Right University of Chicagp Paul Robinson LGBT 2005 B
00000155 The Myth of Male Power; Why Men Die First Simon & Schuster Warren Farrell; Marianne Legato gender 1993, 2008 B
00000156 Virtually Normal: An Argument about Homosexuality Knopf; TNR Andrew Sullivan LGBT 1996 B
00000157 Hero of Flight 93: Mark Bingham: A Man Who Fought Back on September 11 Advocate Jon Barrett LGBT, 9/11 2002 B
00000158 Gerrymandering Green Film Jeff Reichert politics, documentary 2010 M
00000159 Shock of Gray Scribner Ted C. Fishman demographics 2010 B
00000160 Legion Screen Gems Scott Stewart afterlife 2010 M
00000161 Freedom to Serve SLDN SLDN DADT, LGBT 2011 B
00000162 The Green Wolfe Steve Williford LGBT, teachers, school, drama 2011 M
00000163 Smothered: The Censorship Struggles of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour PBS Multauer censorship, first amendment, media 2002 T
00000164 Flying Cheap PBS Frontline   aviation 2010 T
00000165 Why We Love Cats and Dogs PBS Nature   pets 2009 T
00000166 Role/Play Guest House Rob Williams LGBT, conflict og interest 2010 M
00000167 Sister Act Broadway Theater Whoopi Goldberg religion, musical 2010 (1992) D, M
00000168 To Catch a Serial Killer CNN Presents Jimmy Keene crime 2011 T, B
00000169 Old Joy; Brokeback Mountain Kino, Focus Kelly Reichardt, Ang Lee lgbt 2005, 2006 M
00000170 The Skin I Live In; Bad Education; Boxing Helena; Mysterious Skin Sony, others Pedro Almodovar, others lgbt, crime, sci-fi, teachers 2011, 2005 M
00000171 Stolen Jobs AFTRA Creative America piracy 2011 M
00000172 The Crucible Washington-Lee Fox witchhunts 2011, 1996 D, M
00000173 When the Time Comes: Families with Aging Parents Share their Struggles and Solutions Springboard Paula Span eldercare 2009 B
00000174 Mary Lou Nancy Fishman, Israeli TV Eytan Fox LGBT 2011 M
00000175 Red and Greene Washington DC Gay Mens Chorus Ellen Greene LGBT 2011 D
00000176 Sunday Bloody Sunday United Artists John Schlesinger LGBT 1971 M
00000177 Kimgongilia: The Flower of Kim Jong Il Koch Lorber Heiken North Korea 2009 M
00000178 Eye of the Leopard; Big Cat Week NatGeo   animals 2008, 2011 T
00000179 First Contact: Scientific Breakthroughs in the Hunt for Life Beyond Earth Marc Kaufman Simon & Schuster astronomy 2011 B
00000180 Peacock Michael Lander Lionsgate transgender 2009 M
00000181 The Epic of Black Gold Billon French TV energy 2007 T
00000182 The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin Corey Robin Oxford University, CUNY politics, conservatism 2011 B
00000183 The Darkest Hour Chris Gorak Summit Entertainment horror, aliens, EMP, Faraday cages 2011 M
00000184 Young Adult Jason Reitman  (Charlize Theron) Paramount Vantage, Mandate Minneapolis location 2011 M
00000185 The Yacoubian Building Marwan Hamed Sundance LGBT and Islam 2006 M
00000186 The End of Suburbia; Escape from Suburbia Gregory Greene Electric Wallpaper energy, environment 2004, 2008 M
00000187 Shame Steve McQueen Fox Searchlight sexual shame, sexual compulsiveness 2011 M
00000188 Romeos Shane Bernadi Strand transgender 2012 M
00000189 How to Fix Copyright; Moral Panics and Copyright Wars William Patry Oxford University Press copyright 2009, 2011 B
00000190 Deadliest Volcanoes Nova PBS supervolcanoes 2012 T
00000191 The Wedding Weekend; Shut up and Sing Bruce Leddy, Barbara Kopple (2 films) Strand, TWC music, artistry, free speech 2006 M
00000192 Jersey Boys Gaudio National Theater jutebox musical  2011 D
00000193 Family First: Your Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Phenomenal Family Phil McGraw Free Press family 2004 B
00000194 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Stephen Daldry Warner Brothers 9/11 2011 M
00000195 Second Class Citizens Ryan James Yezak (independent) lgbt 2012 M
00000196 Collapse (2 films) Vitagraph, NatGeo Chris Smith, Michael Rupperts, Jared Diamond environment 2010 M
00000197 Climate of Change Brian Hill Tribeca environment 2010 M
00000198 Advise & Dissent David Van Taylor Sundance justice 2010 M
00000199 Digital Assassination: Protecting Your Reputation, Brand or Business Against Online Digital Attacks Richard Torrenzano, Mark Davis St. Martin's Press online reputation, Internet 2011 B
00000200 Cave of Forgotten Dreams; Ode to the Dawn of Man Werner Herzog IFC anthropology, music 2010 M
00000201 Oka! Lavinia Currier DADA music 2012 M
00000202 Clapham Junction Adrian Shergold E1 LGBT, minors 2007 M
00000203 Here's What We'll Say Reichen Lehmkuhl Carroll Graf LGBT, DADT 2006 M
00000204 Legalize Gay; Testosterone Christopher Hines; Richard Moreton Campus Pride; Strand LGBT 2012, 2003 M
00000205 The Darwin Economy Robert H. Frank Princeton University Press economics 2011 B
00000206 Signifiers in Cyberspace: Domain Names and Trademarks Corynne McSherry Case Western Reserve intellectural property, trademark 2009 D
00000207 Macbeth Shakespeare, Verdi PBS, Met drama, opera 2008, 2012 D, T
00000208 Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance Hercules Lakeview ballet 2011 M
00000209 Slavery by Another Name Sam Pollad PBS, Sundance slavery, race 2012 M
00000210 You Broke It, You Bought It Timo Andres Thomas Deneuville music 2012 D,M
00000211 Consent of the Networked Rebecaa Mackinnon Basic Internet 2012 B
00000212 It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good Rick Santorum ISI family values, social capital 2005 B
00000213 Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters Paul Schrader, Philip Glass Janus military, writers, LGBT, dadt 1985 M, D
00000214 Kony 2012 Jason Russell Invisible Children overseas, war crimes 2012 M, D
00000215 The Road We've Traveled Obama White House politcal 2012 M, D
00000216 Overruled: The Case that Brought down Sodomy Laws Lambda Lambda Legal politcal, lgbt 2012 M, D
00000217 Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 Charles Murray Crown politcal, social capital, libertarian 2012 B
00000218 Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas Dale Carpenter Crown LGBT, legal, sodomy laws 2012 B
00000219 Bully Lee Hirsch TWC bullying 2012 M
00000220 High Tech, Low Life Stpehen Maing Tribeca censorship, China 2012 M
00000221 Alien Planet Pierre de Lespinois Discovery extraterrestrials 2005 T,M
00000222 Love Free or Die Mack Alston Sundance LGBT 2012 M
00000223 Social Conquest of Earth Edward O. Wilson Liverlight eusociality 2012 B
00000224 The Divide Xavier Gens Anchor Bay nuclear war 2012 M
00000225 Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World Prince Charles NBC-Focus environment 2010 T,M
00000226 Rescue 3D Stephen Low Smithsonian earthquake, volunteers 2012 M
00000227 Knowing Alex Proyas Summit extraterrestrial attack 2009 M
00000228 Battleship Peter Berg Universal extraterrestrial attack 2012 M
00000229 Crack Town DC Town DC satire, LGBT 2012 P
00000230 Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars Ron Oliver Disney Channel Internet 2010 M,T
00000231 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Lorene Scarfaria Focus asteroid 2012 M
00000232 One Second After William Fortschen Doherty emp 2009 B
00000233 The Exonerated Bob Balaban Court TV, Monterey justice 2005 T
00000234 Severe Space Weather Events; Terrorism and Electric Power Delivery System National Academy of Sciences NAS emp, space weather 2008, 2012 B
00000235 Last Best Chance Ben Goddard NTI nuclear 2006 M
00000236 The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom Lucy Walker HBO tsunami 2012 M,T
00000237 We Are Legion Brian Knappenberger Silverdocs Internet hacking 2012 M
00000238 September's Children Judy Woodruff PBS 9/11 2010 M, T
00000239 Fall from Grace K Ryan Jones Duopoly anti-gay  (Fred Phelps) 2007 M
00000240 Fitzcarraldo Werner Herzog Anchor Bay music 1982 M,D
00000241 Seal Team 6: The Raid on Osama bin Laden John Stockwell NatGeo, TWC terroism 2012 M, T
00000242 Geomagnetic Storms John Kappenman ORNL space weather 2012 B
00000243 The Bay Barry Levenson Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions ecological horror 2012 M
00000244 A Late Quartet Madhur Jaffrey RKO music 2012 M
00000245 Chasing Ice Jeff Orlowski NatGeo Climae Change 2012 M
00000246 Red Dawn 2 Dan Bradley Film District EMP 2012 M
00000247 Solar Attack Ziller Lionsgate solar storm 2006 M
00000248 The Impossible Bayona Summit tsunami 2012 M
00000249 9/11: Press for Truth Thompson Banded 9/11 2006 M
00000250 Do Ask Do Tell: The Movie Ali Sue YouTube LGBT, DADT, military 2012 M
00000251 Four Play Kyle Henry Breaking Glass LGBT 2013 M
00000252 A Nation Forsaken F Michael Maloof WND EMP. solar storm 2013 B
00000253 Lies, Damned Lies and College Admissions Arvin Vohra Roland education 2013 B
00000254 Nothing to Hide Daniel J. Solove Yale privacy, security 2013 B
00000255 Gridlock Byron Dorgan, Hagberg Forge EMP, cyberwar 2013 B
00000256 Follow the Leader Jonathan Goodman Levitt Cinedigm politics, education, documentary 2013 M
00000257 The Internet Must Go John Wooley EFF short, Internet, network neutrality 2013 M, S
00000258 The Worst Place to Be Gay; Homophobia Scott Mills BBC, various DADT, LGBT 2013 M (V), S
00000259   The Power Inside Will Speck. Josh Gordon Intel, Toshiba comedy 2013 T, Sf
00000260 Crush Mailk Bader Millemmium thriller, teen 2013 M
00000261 Red Dirt Tag Purvis Genius LGBT 2009 M
00000262 The Union: The Business Behind Getting High Brett Harvey Pjase 4, Peace Arch drugs, marijuana 2007 M
00000263 Making the Boys, and The Boys in the Band Friedkin, Robey First Run LGBT 2011, 1970 M
00000264 Camp 14: Total Control Zone Wiese Netflix North Korea 2012 M
00000265 Kimjongilia Keikin PBS North Korea 2011 M
00000266 Training for the Apocalypse Gregory Smith NatGeo Doomsday 2013 T
00000267 Wise Guys C Stocks(d), Cox(a), Lindh (a) church young adults youth play 2011 D (musical)
00000268 The King's Speech; The Mission; Mission in Belize at Double Head Cabbage; Friday's Aliens; God of Love; Nacascolo Hooper, Matheny, others TWC, Columbia, various drama, documentary, shorts 2010-2012 M
00000269 Titan: A Place Like Home Paul Olding BBC documentary, astronomy 2013 T
00000270 Europa Report Sebastian Cordero Magnolia astronomy, docudrama 2013 M
00000271 Journey to the Edge of the Universe Annas, Baldwin, Pertwee Natgeo, PioneerUK astronony 2008, 2013(r) M.T
00000272 You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto Jaron Lanier   Internet 2010 B
00000273 Proof of Consciousness Jaron Lanier   music 2013 D
00000274 Your Money at Risk Merrill Edge Bank of America finance, social security 2013 M
00000275 Return to Somalia Wells, Hamid PBS international 2013 T
00000276 Family: The First Circle Heather Rae Sundance, Tribeca family, foster care 2010 M
00000277 Our Home: Astral City: A Spirtual Journey De Assis Strand spirtuality, afterlife 2011 M
00000278 Inequality for All Kornbluth, Ribert Reich TWC finance, social justice, ethics, wealth distribution 2013 M
00000279 The Fifth Estate Condon Dreamworks, Touchstone Wikileaks 2013 M
00000280 We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks Gibney Focus Wikileaks 2013 M
00000281 Oddly Normal Schwartz Gotham LGBT 2013 B
00000282 Underground: The Julian Assange Story Connolly Matchbox Wikileaks 2013 M
00000283 American Blackout NatGeo NatGeo cyberwar, EMP 2013 M, T
00000284 God Loves Uganda Roger Ross Williams Variance LGBT 2013 M
00000285 The End of Poverty Philippe Diaz Cinedigm wealth distribution 2008 M
00000286 Girlfriend Justin Lerner Strand disabilities 2012 M
00000287 Codebreaker Nic Stacey Transit GLBT, Alan Turing 2013 M
00000288 Birthday Cake, Groom's Cake Chad Darnell Aritzical GLBT 2013 M
00000289 Jack Andraka discovery Andraka CBS 60 Minutes medicine 2013 T
00000290 Childhood's End Clarke SyFy sci-fi 2013 T,B,M
00000291 An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story   CNN Films justice 2013 M
00000292 Jonathan and Dwayne, A Story about Love   Monumentus GLBT 0213 M (short)
00000293 TWA Flight 800 Berjesson Epix, CNN terrorism, airline safety 2013 M, T
00000294 The Poisoner's Handbook   PBS American Experience crime, documentary 2014 T
00000295 Top Secret America   Back Bay surveillance, terrorism 2011 B
00000296 Autism: The Musical Tricia Regan HBO, Docurama, New Video autism, people with disabilities 2007 M
00000297 Artifact Jared Leto Amazon copyright, contract, free speech 2014/2012 M
00000298 Shaun White: Russia Calling Shaun White NBC, Focus sports 2014 T
00000299 Dispatches: The Hunted /
Moscow Is Burning
Ben Steele Channel 4 UK, ABC GLBT 2014 T
00000300 Blood Brother Steve Hoover, Rocky Braat Cinedigm altruism, AIDS 2014 M
00000301 Southern Baptist Sissies Del Shores Breaking Glass GLBT, religion 2014 M
00000302 42 Helgeland WB baseball, morality 2013 M, S
00000303 The Ones that Got Away Brad Heath USA Today criminal justice 2014 B(N)
00000304 Game of Pawns Felie FBI criminal justice 2014 M
00000305 Never Lose Sight of Freedom   NPA race 2000? M
00000306 A Fighting Chance Elizabeth Warren Metropolitan ecomomics, bankruptcy, fairness, inequality 2014 B
00000307 The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Adly Giurgis RoundHouse Theater Biblical 2014 D
00000308 The Totalitarians Peter Sinn Nachtrieb Wolly Mammoth political, satire 2014 D
00000309 Law of Mosaics Ted Hearne Poisson Rougue music suite 2014 M
00000310 Tomorrow I'm Going to Be a Movie Star Timo Descamps (self) song and video 2014 M
00000311 The Ambassador Gabriel Kahane Naxos songs with instruments 2014 M
00000312 Gays in the Military: Photographs and Interviews Vincent Cianni Daylight gays in the military, DADT 2014 B
00000313 The Tolerance Trap Suzanna Walters NYU Press DADT, LGBT 2014 B
00000314 Capital in the Twenty-First Century Thomas Piketty Belknap, Harvard inequality in wealth and income, rentiers 2014 B
00000315 Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory Dan Cohen Music & Memory music, Alzheimers, eldercare 2014 M
00000316 The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz; "also, "Silenced" Brian Knappenberger; also James Spione Film Buff, Participant copyright, criminal justice; NSA surveillance 2014 M
00000317 "The Path: Afterlife"; also. "Introduction to Remote Viewing" Skip Atwater Monroe Institute new age; near death experiences 2009, 2011 M, classroom session
00000318 "Gidion's Knot" JOhnna Adams Forum cyberbullying 2014 M
00000319 The Homestretch Kristin Kelly PBS education, homelessness  2014 M
00000320 "Freedom Summer"/ "Spies of Mississippi" Stanley Nelson CNN race, civil rights, voting rights 2014 M
00000321 "Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek"; "Chattahoochie Unplugged" Wickam, Mahan DCEFF environmental 2014 M
00000322 "Bishops at the Border" Kirk Smith, Mark Adams Morehouse (anthology) immigration, faith 2014 B
00000323 "The Alliance" Reid Hoffman Harvard Business School job market 2014 B
00000324 "The Perfect Wave"; "A Glimpse of Eternity" Bruce McDoald, Ian McCorcmack Mission afterlife, Christian 2014 M
00000325 "In the Realms of the Unreal: The Mystery of Henry Darger" Jessica Yu, Susan West PBS documentary, artist 2004 M
00000326 The Dirty Bomb;  Dirty War; Daniel Percival BBC, HBO nuclear 2004 M, T
00000327 "FrackNation"; "Gasland" Phelim McAleer; Joshn Fox Magnet, HBO fracking, environment 2013 M (2, opposing)
00000328 "You Always Belonged and You Always Will" Martin Fowler Zuber and Fowler philosophy, personal growth 2014 B
00000329 "Elegy: Dying Animal" Isabel Coixet Samuel Goldwyn sexual 2008 M
00000330 "Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA" Morten Storm Atlantic, CNN terrorism, radical Islam 2014 B, T
00000331 "The Vanishing Neightbor" Mark Dunkelman Norton eusociality 2014 B
00000332 "La Commedia" Lous Andriessen, Hal Hartley Nonesuch, Promise Films opera 2014 M,. D
00000333 "Terror at the Mall" Dan Reed HBO, CNN terror 2014 M, T
00000334 "Whitey: The United States v. James Bulger" Joe Berlinger CNN criminal justice 2014 T
00000335 "The Zero Theorem" Terry Gilliam Amplify sci-fi, temptation 2014 T
00000336 "Whiplash" Damien Chavelle (with Miles Teller) Sony Pictures Classics music 2014 M
00000337 "Your Voice, Your Future: The New Terror Threat" Leon Harris WJLA-7 and News Channel 8 terrorism 2014 T (I am on it)
00000338 "League of Denial: The NFL Concussion Crisis" Michael Kirk: PBS Frontline sports, medicine 2014 T,M
00000339 "Down Low Sister on Top" Jenise Brown self LGBT 2014 B
00000340 "Alphaville" Jean-Luc Goddard Rialto surveillance, free speech 1965 M
00000341 "Blackbird" Jason Buxton, Conor Jessup Breaking Glass free speech, schools 2012, 2014 M
00000342 "How: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything" Dov Seidman Wiley, LRN business ethics 2007, 2011 B
00000343 "The Great Invisible" Margaret Brown Radius TWC environment, Deepwater Horizon 2013 M
00000344 "Interstellar" Christopher Nolan WB, Paramount cosmology 2014 M
00000345 "Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story" also "Warrior Princess" Mark Herzog, Kristin Beck CNN transgender 2014 M,B
00000346 "No Place to Hide"; "Citizenfour" Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Edward Snowden Radius TWC, Metropolitan Books surveillance 2014 M,B
00000347 "The Dark Place" Jody Wheeler (Timo Descamps) Breaking Glass/Blue Seraph LGBT 2014 M
00000348 "Point and Shoot" Matthew Vandyke, Marhsall Curry Orchard, PBS POV national security, OCD 2014 M
00000349 "Remote Access Medical" Jeff Reichertm Farahan Zalan Cinedigm medical, volunteerism 2014 M
00000350 "The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism with a Key to the Scriptures" Tony Kushner JCC communicsm, lgbt 2014 D
00000351 "Black & Blue" Soledad O'Brien (Eric Garner case) CNN police profiling by race 2014 T
00000352 "The Overnighters Jesse Moss Drafthouse lgbt, environment. energy 2014 M
00000353 "Spanish Lake" Phillip Andrew Morton Amazon police profiling by race, white flight 2014 M
00000354 "Best Kept Secret" Samantha Bucks BKS autism 2013 M
00000355 "Blackfish" Babreila Cowperwaithe Magnolia, CNN animals 2013 M
00000356 "The Cove" Louie Psilhoyas Liosngate, Roadside Attractions animals 2009 M
00000357 "The Elephant in the Living Room" and "Duma" Michael Webber Netflix animals 2013 M
00000358 "Dinosaur 13" Todd Douglas Miller CNN, Lionsgate animals, justice 2014 M, T
00000359 "The Woman Who Wasn't There" Guilliermo Cinedigm 9/11 2012 M, T
00000360 "Inside the Mind of Leonardo" ("Da Vinci Code") Julian Jones History genius, LGBT 2013 M, B, T
00000361 "The Internet Is NOT the Answer" Andrew Keen Atlantic amatuerism 2014 B
00000362 "The Tyranny of Silence" Flemming Rose Cato Institute chilling effects 2014 B
00000363 "Guntram" Richard Strauss Washington Concert Opera opera, basic ethics 1898,1940, 2015 O,D
00000364 "Breakthough: How One Teen Inovator Is Changing the World" Jack Andraka Harper Collins LGBT, medicine, open access 2015 B
00000365 "It's Not Over"; "Andrew Jenks: Room 335" Andrew Jenks self HIV, eldercare 2006, 2011 M
00000366 "Seymour: An Introduction" Ethan Hawke Sony Pictures Classics piano teaching 2015 M
00000367 "Racing Extinction" Louise Psihoyos DCEFF extinctions, climate change 2015 M
00000368 "The Great Divide" William Gairdner Encounter morality, politics, DADT 2015 B
00000369 "The Road to Character" David Brooks Random House mraiity 2015 B
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00000371 "Out to Win" Marshall Ingram AFI LGBT  sports 2015 M
00000372 "Rise: The Promise of My Brother's Keeper" Dawn Porter Discovery, OWN race 2015 M, T
00000373 "CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap" Robin Hauser Reynolds AGI technology 2015 M
00000374 "Bruckner's Last Finale" Dick Reichman Anchorage stage music 2013 D
00000375 "The Three Sisters" Chekhov BBC play 1971/1901 D
00000376 "Irrational Man" Woody Allen Sony movie 2015 M
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00000378 "We Come as Friends" Hubert Sauper Sundance Selects overseas (Sudan) 2015 M
00000379 "Gracefully Graysom" Ami Polonski Hyperion transgender 2015 B
00000380 "Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution" John Paul Stevens Little Brown constitutional law 2015 B
00000381 "Age of Consent" Todd Verow Optimale LGBT 2015 M
00000382 "Brean Gives Me Hiccups" Jesse Eisenberg Grove Press fiction, poetry 2015 B
00000383 "The Space Between" Travis Fine Inception 9/11 2010 M
00000384 "The Hacker Wars" Vivien Lesnik Weisman E-One hackibg 2014 M
00000385 "A Path Appears" WuDunn, Nicholas Kristof PBS Independent Lens poverty 2015 T
00000386 "Rebirth: New Orleans:" Merrow PBS, Learning Matters education. Katrina 2013 T
00000387 "Project Greenlight" Damon, Affreck, Mann HBO movie business 2015 T,M
00000388 "Lights Out" Ted Koppel Crown terror, power grid, cybersecurity 2015 B
00000389 "Born this Way" Shaun Kedlec PBS GLBT international 2013 M
00000390 "The Thread" Greg Barker (indie) Internet, terror 2015 M
00000391 "The Boy Who Played with Fusion" Tom Clynes, Taylor Wilson Houghton Mifflin power grid, innovation 2015 B
00000392 "Paperwhite Narcissus"; ::The Sound of One Horse Dancing" Tom Baker iUniverse glbt, military 2014, 2011 B
00000393 "Hoover's War on Gays" Douglas Charles KU glbt 2015 B
00000394 "Schooled on Fat" Nicole Taylor Routledge public health 2016 B
00000395 "Coherence" Byrkid Oscilloscope sci-fi, layered 2013 M
00000396 "Dream/Killer" Andrew Jenks Cinedigm justice 2016 M
00000397 "United States of Jihad" Peter Bergen Crown terrorism 2016 B
00000398 "Altar" Matthew Sconce   horror 2016 M
00000399 "The Babushkas of Chernobyl" and "The Pianino of Peace" Holly Morris, Max Rydow TBA Ukraine 2016 M
00000400 "TRI" Jai Jamison TBA sports 2016 M
dDADT       Gays in the military    
dPandemic       Pandemic threats    
dEMP       EMP, solar flare CME    
dFilial       Filial responsibility laws, other people's children    
dSocialSecurity       Social Security (means test, property right, AET, offset)    
dDebtCeiling       Debt Ceiling, Fiscal Cliff    
dEnvironment       Environment, energy, mounatiantop removal, climate change    
dLiability       trolls, SOPA, Section 230, etc.    
dEducation       Education    
dDistributors       Movie distributors    


(d) means directed and performed  (a) means composed or authored