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Key 00000009
Title "Shy and Mighty";  also, "Homestretch" Piano Concerto;  Paraphrase on These of Brian Elo; Mozart Piano Concerto #26 Recomposition;  Igigistudios experimental: "In Between Buildings" and "Sensory Stimulation;  "Safe Travel" (from "Balance Problems", Nico Muhly)
Media Type
O ("Musical Opus")
Instance Type CD
Originating Author Timo Andres  
Adapting Author  
Director Timo Andres and David Kaplan
Distributor, Publisher Nonesuch   (also Igigistudios)
Production Entity Andres Bakery
Release Date(s) 2010
Categories classical, suites
Rating 5/5
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Observation Date 2010/05/20
Review Date 2010/05/20