“Beefcake” file continued:  (Sorry, an XML/XSL problem on the mbeef page makes it impossible to update in Word anyone; not malware, just a Microsoft bug).  These films are unrated, with adult content in spots.

Boys Life 7 (2010, Strand/Sundance).  “The Young & Evil” (Julian Breece); “Spokane” (Larry Kennar); “First Date” (Garry Huggins); “Raw Love” (Martin Deus)   Blogger.

Rivers Run Over Me (2010, Strand, dir. John G. Young), 85 min).  Blogger. 

Bear City (2010, TLA/SharpLeft, dir. Douglas Langway, 110 min)  Blogger.   But some hairy gay men are lean after all!

Light GradientRuckenwind”, 2010, Strand, dir.  Jan Kruger, Germany, 75 min, NR ) Blogger.