Title:  Demonlover

Release Date:  2003

Nationality and Language: France: French, English, Japanese

Running time: 117 Min

MPAA Rating:  NC-17 (not officially submitted)

Distributor and Production Company:  Palm

Director; Writer: Olivier Assayas


Cast:   Connie Nielsen, Charles Berling

Technical: Panavision Widescreen, digital

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This is a big gaudy and important film about the corporate adult entertainment industry, and from all appearances, the only reason it does not have a major studio releasing it is the inability to get an R rating. Again, this film makes the case that we need a legitimate adult rating that does not make theater exhibitors sequeamish,


The first half of the film presents the account of a large corporate merger where a French company is buying a Japanese enterprise in digital porn for the web. Some of the legal concerns, such as avoiding child pornography, are explored. Soon there is a lawsuit from a competitor, apparently based on trademark, but the details become murky. So does the plot, which quickly turns to corporate espionage and in this case resulting violence.


The film does present the problem facing screenwriters: how do convey detailed “information” without blurring or overwhelming the characters or stalling the story line. Here, the problem is that there are no characters we really like. But the spectacle of the film, both going into adult web sites and in exotic on-location scenes (such as in Tokyo) carry the moviegoer along anyway.


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