Title:  Hair Opera

Release Date:  1992

Nationality and Language: USA, English

Running time: 100 min

MPAA Rating: Not available (suggest NC-17)

Distributor and Production Company:   UNK

Director; Writer: Yuri Obitani




Relevance to DOASKDOTELL site:  fetishes



Movie Review: Hair Opera (1992)

Japanese; Directed by Yuri Obitani; NC-17; 60 Minutes; 6.0/10

Back in the 1950's, there was a seedy theater near downtown Washington, D.C. called the Pix. I recall, with my cousin present, asking Mother what this theater was and what the dingy feature movie, "Burlesque in Harlem," was all about.

This movie would have been worthy of that theater. But I guess it confirms my suspicion, that even heterosexual men have their fetishes, in this case, removing women's body hair (however sparse or hidden to begin with) before sex, or even instead of sex. Very grainy photography and poor production values. But it does play these days at art museums and cinema clubs.

The viewpoint of the film does reflect the common belief that Oriental men, in particular (possibly because of what they are used to seeing from their genetic background) view any female body hair as "dirty," but then again so do many American (though, perhaps not European!!) Caucasians. And this makes the film just a tad "dirty."




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