DOASKDOTELL MOVIE REVIEW of Leather Jacket Love Story


Title: Leather Jacket Love Story

Release Date:  1998

Nationality and Language: USA, English

Running time: about 75 Minutes

MPAA Rating: 

Distributor and Production Company:

Director; Writer:



Technical:  Black and white

Relevance to doaskdotell site: coming out, safer sex, literary talent

Review: Movie Review; Leather Jacket Love Story; 85 Minutes; R

Here is another little black-and-white movie, a rarity these days. A very likeable 18-year-old kid who likes to sit in West Hollywood coffee shops and write poetry, befriends an older construction worker. The ensuring romance goes very fast, with the kid wondering why he doesn't have a lifetime monogamous partner after just 24 hours.

The naivete and innocence of the kid is both touching and distracting. Once, he says that, since he grew to manhood in the age of AIDS, safer sex is all that he has ever known, and he is very serious about settling down and being faithful. But one wonders, why isn't he in college? Is he working? What does he really want to do? 

The film is not very explicit. There is a scene in the leather bar with a bit of chest work, including nipple-piercing. Psychologically, the film gains a bit of momentum as he finally gets to read his poetry in public, and he wonders if his new beloved will show up. This resonated with me, since I had my own toastmaster's experience with my own book recently.


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