Title: Come Undone

Release Date: 2001

Nationality and Language: French

Running time: about 95 Minutes

MPAA Rating:  n/a but would be NC-17

Distributor and Production Company: Studio Canal / Lancelot

Director; Writer: Sebastien Lifshitz

Producer:  Sebastien Lifshitz

Cast:   Jeremie Elkalm Stephane Rideau


Relevance to HPPUB site: “coming out”

Review: Here is a gentle film and “coming out” story, told retrospectively from the point of view of gay teen Mathieu (Jeremie Elkaim), who is undergoing “eight days” of psychiatric hospitalization after having his stomach pumped in the opening scene. That’s brutal. (“Respirez!”) It turns out that Jeremie has been taking care of his mother, also ill with grave depression after losing a child. He meets the slightly older and less gentile Cedric on a beach, and is gradually brought “out.” The intimate scenes may be very explicit, but there is a tenderness and gentleness in them that makes them erotic in a way that pornography never achieves. Jeremie often displays the “swimmer’s body” on camera. Cedric is a bit earthier.

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