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Ho-hum, there are so many. I can't give direct URL's because of the way these videos are loaded, but you can search for the titles or authors in a search box on the site's home page.

There are some by "Movieman21" making caricatures of various celebrities addressing Internet issues.

"Jon Stewart on Net Neutrality" has a lot of cute physical comedy analogies, with the Internet as a tube, and recent actions concerning on-line gambling are addressed.

"The Daily Show - Ted Stevens and the Internet" cycles some of the same material, and calls a senator "you're just the guy in charge of regulating the Internet." As if Al Gore had invented it.

"Jon Stewart Post 9/11 Speech" This is not funny, but the speaker tries to make it so, even as comedians get in with the public service pleas and memories of the firefighters, and of Martin Luther King.

If you want to recreate the mood the "Jaws" movies, look at "Hammerhead Attacks a Tarpon" (03:39). The shark gets its meal and throws scales all over the boat.

Since mid July there have appeared a lot of videos about the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah (or Hizbollah) in Lebanon.

For example, there is "Israel and Hezbollah" (03:46) by Majikstranger (websites and which starts with some filmstrip like explanations and proceeds to show graphic images of casualties.

"Leader of Hezbollah" (01:27) at gives a discussion of its head, who escaped assassination by an Israeli rocket.

"Hezbollah: Lebanese Defenders" (05:49) by COANews ( presents the function of the organization in a country with a week government, a problem often pointed out by conservatives. The organization performs many social services and tends to enforce a protectionist, patriarchal social order.

Sara Kehaulani Goo has an article in The Washington Post, July 24, 2006: "Videos on Web Widen the Lens of the Conflict: YouTube Users Explore Israeli-Lebanon Conflict, at  (may require subscription).

There are hundreds of videos here from Iraq. A typical example is "BAS Iraq" (05:49) which is a Marine video (is this Basra?) from a soldier named Talbot, janesays0. There are graphic skirmish scenes, including closeup pictures of first aid for wounds, and even a Parcheesi game.

Another one is "My Platoon in Iraq" (10:05), by bobbybick and the "Recon Snipers" at Mosul, in northern Iraq, which shows typical life in the unit, and conveys a sense of the unit cohesion required in this kind of a mission.

Afghanistan has a lot, too.

"Sightseeing Afghanistan" (01:41) by sjorty has stunning landscape pictures ranging from lifeless desert to verdant greenery.

"The real Afghanistan: Kemp-isms" (03:14) by supersanaindru, takes place in Hawaii, as three GI's discuss their heterosexual exploits while driving to base. (would be rated R). 

"The Bottom Line: The War in Afghanistan" (01:21) (afroguy) is a commentary by Chuck Maloney.

"Afghanistan - Special Forces Engage" (04:50) (gemster970) shows helicopter pounding of Al Qaeda fighter positions, possibly hunting for Osama bin Laden.

"Homeland Security --Coast Guard Issues" (10:29) by imispgh (anonymous) is a "whistleblowing" sit-down "speech" by an engineer from Lockheed Martin documenting serious problems in the Deepwater patrol boat problems, including blind spots in the security coverage and lack of temperature robustness. The engineer claims that he has gone up the chain of command, and that Homeland Security and the Coast Guard have not properly communicated. He has discussed with Congress. He says he remains anonymous to protect his family and may need a lawyer, and a place to start would be the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco. This video was discussed on ABC "World News Tonight" on Aug. 30, 2006.

There are many other videos here about Homeland Security, many of them satirical. For example, look at

"The Wonderful World of Homeland Security" (02:46) by millertime83, with black and white footages from the duck-and-cover era, puns about duct tape, and a description of the color-coded terrorist danger chart as shades of gray (after all, the video is in black-and-white -- only a "nitwit" would make a movie called "color" in black-and-white.

Media reports indicate that Republicans made a Youtube video "An Inconvenient Spoof" to make fun of Al Gore's film on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth.  One questions integrity when artists are paid to pander someone else's partisan message.

There are some quirky videos on this site (and they are age-rated; some require log in). Many of them of from the UK. Many are of poor quality. But one of interest is Martin Scorses's short "The Big Shave" (1967, Contemporary Films, 5:41) with Peter Bernuth as a young man who starts a typical bathroom shave, flays his face and cuts his own throat. Pretty hard to watch, as it turns to horror.

Chesterfield County Controversial Artist (4:24) features a demonstration by Stephen Murmur of his "fingerpainting" of abstract art by using his butt. The controversy has led to his dismissal from Chesterfield County (near Richmond) VA as an art teacher. The video has been available on AOL and probably would get an R rating. The paintings themselves do not contain anything objectively objectionable; it is the knowledge of how they are created (and the YouTube film). The school board referred to court rulings that teachers are expected to be "role models", yet the objection here seems to be more cultural than objectively "moral" and that is troubling. No doubt this would be an interesting matter for an appeals court. The teacher's attorney is Jason Anthony. He sells his art at buttprintart and some paintings get up to $900. Here is my blogger entry on this:  

Nora: The Piano-Playing Cat (02:48) from Ravenswingstudios.  A female cat is shown playing a grand piano, two paws, sometimes resting her head on the keyboard and rubbing, sometimes creating snippets of melody, and even playing a duet with a human player performing a Bach invention.  There are other such clips, such as Eric the cat plays piano (0:54).  Blogger review is here. Both videos recall the WB Tom & Jerry cartoon "The Cat Concerto" from the 1940s.

Don Imus and Nappy Headed Hos; Dom Imus: The Remarks, The Apology, and Al Shaprton's Show  These YouTube videos (each about 1-1/2 minutes) present the incident that started Wed. April 4, 2007, the night after the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team lost to a team from Tennessee. Imus mentioned tattoos and provided commentary that sounded contemptuous of the team's members; he even mentioned Spike Lee "joints: as a comparison, a strange analogy. Another commentator uses the phrase "fag out." Sharpton confronts Iums in the second video. The video was put up by Mediamatters for America. Here is my blogger entry.

Ben Affleck's commencement speech at Falls Church High School, VA; blogger link  (link to video on NBC4 from blog). 

Theo Van Gogh: "Submission: Part I" (10:50), reviewed at this link.

September 11, 2001 videos: World Trade Center Attacks (5:26) from tributes4wtc: graphic video of attacks, jumps, collapses, the Merrill Lynch (World Trade Center 7) building collapse at 5 PM (some people claim this demolition was controlled), and Britain's underground incident in 2005. Music from "Requiem for a Dream" is included. The second video from this group is here (about 6:25) and includes music by Alex Johnson and shows the collapses close up and surrounding area immediately after attacks. I was able to see video of the collapses at home on September 13 on my own computer. There is also 911 Call in World Trade Center, While Tower Collapses , from "gabyu" (this is the South Tower) (4:52), with the collapse starting in the last 15 seconds. The speech is hard to make out.

Regarding the Virginia Tech tragedy of 4/16/2007, YouTube has a 3 minute "Original Song Dedicated to Families of Virginia Tech Victims" and there are many replies. There is cell phone video from outside the building of the shots (not yet posted) and the "video multimedia manifesto" being discussed in the media. The video link from The Washington Post (4/19) is here. I will provide links to these for historical and factual purposes when they are available. NBC Today showed the air filtration system used to even open the package. Advertising space is not offered on pages linking to such disturbing material.

The CNN YouTube 2008 Democratic candidates debate at the Citadel in Charleston, SC is written up here

The 2008 YouTube Republican Candidates debate in St. Petersburg FL (Nov 28 2007) is written up here.

The YouTube vidoe "Eric Alva -- Gay Marine -- Press Conference" is here. The blogger writeup is here.

Zach Lipovsky (from "On the Lot") gives a "969 Interview" from Vancouver here.

World's first unlocked iPhone (New Jersey student George Hotz) here. (blogger discussion here.)

Cuban health care system, to answer Michael Moore: look at Sistema de Salud  (Extranjeros y Pueblo) from Cronicas (0:58), maintaining that Michael Moore (in Sicko) showed only what the elite get. (on ABC 20/20 Sept 7 2007).  here.

"Save the Internet" (2006, 4 min, animated) from the organization by the same name is discussed here.

"WorldMap Live Storm-Worm" (2007, 0:40) diagrams the spread of one of the world's fastest moving computer viruses, here.  

"Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising" (2007, 3:11) has Jimmy Wales proposing the idea that every child in the world can have access to all knowledge through "Truth in Numbers" and the "One Laptop per Child" program. The clip shows on-location shots in developing countries like Indonesia and South Africa. Link is here (YouTube) or here .  Also visit and

Foreclosure Scams 101 (2007, 2:02) from FreddieMac, here. The video explains how foreclosure scam artists troll public records for mortgage delinquencies and call homeowners, and then ask them to sign documents deeding over the house. At foreclosure, the scam artist walks away with the difference. A related web link is 

Roger Clemens Video Denial of Taking Steroids (2007, 1.46). Mr. Clemens promises a CBS 60 Minutes interview early in 2008. Link is here.

Ian of Fire (2007). How substitute teacher Ian Defeo was fired from a job in New Jersey because of his own music website whose content was OK by most reasonable "community standards", link here. (Motion Box).

Tom Cruise IAS (2008, 9 min) This is the "Tom Cruise indoctrination video" where he says he wants to share his "knowledge" with the world. Well, a lot of us want to do that. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the content of the video. (I don't know why the picture blacks out a couple of times, just as it does in the notorious short "Bugcrush" from Strand.) The video (as of 2/2008) is on the gawker site here. Apparently it has been up and down on Youtube. On 2/8/2008 the AOL Video Blog also showed a rather crude 2-minute video (with only a few images) of an anonymous group targeting the Church of Scientology, followed by a separate 2-minute "Call to Action," promising demonstrations Feb. 10, 2008, link here. These links might not stay up forever.

X Faction Dance (2008) is a dance troupe in Washington DC that performs at Town DC and holds auditions. A bit countercultural in nature. The film appears to have been made around the U-Street Shaw area in Washington. Link.

Missing: The Right Babies (2008) is a video by Kathryn Joyce of The Nation, accompanying her article in the magazine, about a right-wing argument that Europeans and upper-income Americans don't produce enough babies to support the elderly. She argues that they are focused on bearing "the right babies" and are trying to bring back "the national family" or the patriarchal family. Link. A similar video is "Wanted: More White Babies" here.

Nate Berkus on Jimmy Kimmel, and The Big Give (2/26/2008), a seven-minute interview of Berkus who will soon host Orpah Winfrey's "The Big Give," link here.

JMAC Story (2006). "What we all want in life is a shot." Jason McElwain scores 20 points at the end of a basketball game in Greece, NY. Link.  Another one (ESPN) is here. Related: Jason J-Mac McElwain George Bush Song of Awareness (2006). J-Mac meets George W. Bush (on CNN) while a rap song plays in his honor. Link. He has a book, and I would guess there will almost be a feature movie. (Oprah, how about it?)

Online Ad Downturns: How Bad will It Get? (Yahoo, 2008) Kevin Ryan of DoubleClick says that tech is much more solid this time than in 2000 or in 2003, but will have a slowdown in ad growth. Link

 I have some videos on my own site at    Many of them would not fit the "style" of Youtube, but I has some short screenplay scripts that would at and some other ideas, so I may have some entries there in due course. Bill Boushka (Contact Me)

I have previously called this file "U Tube Videos". Some people refer to it that way.

Green Short Film Forum from DC Environmental Film Festival, 2008, link here. Films include "Free Swim" "Clean Water for Haiti" "A Walk on Water" "Saving the Wildlife Refuge" "Grocery Store Wars" "The Official Meatrix."

National Initiative for Democracy (5 min) proposes a Democracy Amendment and a Democracy Act to institute partial direct democracy in the United States, supported by former Democrat-turned-Libertarian Mike Gravel, link here.

Hillary Clinton LGBT Issues (4.48 min) (link) Jason Bellini interviews her on Logo before SuperTuesday. There is a lot of discussion of "don't ask dont' tell" in the military, and Hillary says that a coalition is needed to rescind it, she wouldn't be able to do it by herself.

End Hate Speech (2008, 2 min) here, in black and white, pretty well demonstrates what it really is and isn't.

Tales of the GS-12 Vikings (2008, 3.5 min, Washington Post, June 19, 2008) here. Some federal employees put on a historical display of a Viking sail from Solomons Island in the Chesapeake Bay, MD. Link. The craft is called Sae Hrafn, or "sea raven."

Singing for Peace (2008, 1.7 min, Washington Post, June 19, 2008) Abazar Hamid leads some Hakama singers in Darfur, trying to counter the government-sponsored violence from the Janjaweed. Link.

Pickens's Plan (2008, 5 min) is T. Boone Pickens 's plan to replace most electricity generation with wind farms, and then use natural gas for cars, to reduce oil imports. Video link.

Lindsay Williams Videos on non-Existent Oil Crisis (2006)  A former Baptist minister discusses off-shore drilling, especially Gull Island, Alaska (near Prudhoe Bay). Link.

Aging in China (2008, 5:07 min, dir. Nick Francis), from AARP, shows Chinese American William Lee Poy discussing filial piety (or "xiao shun"). Blogger link.

A Day in Fanta Langini's Life (2008, Washington Post, 2:30, dir. Kevin Sullivan) How the world food crisis impoverishes and starves women in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa. Blogger link. This makes for compelling viewing.

Hannah's Lunchbox (2008, dir. Joseph Selwan, 4 min) A family in Atlanta sells a big house and prepares to move into one half the size in order to participate in the Hunger Project in Ghana. It starts with a child's question: why do some of us have so much while others have so little?   Link.

Titan Virtual Tour. (2005-2008) NASA offers a free video of images from the surface of Titan (moon of Saturn) from the Cassini-Huygens mission, from this link.

Burj Dubai (2008). A video tour from the top of the tower, as it is now, 2/3 built. Link here. Also try .

David Jordanís Documentary on Aspergerís Syndrome (9 min) and "Going to College with Aspergerís Syndrome" by Alex Plank (19 min), here.

Tony and Albert Fagler find old live film footage from their grandfather from World War II, right after DDay, donate to Library of Congress; mostly black and white; wedding photos also. NBC-Washington video story with film clips.

Electromagnetic Pulse: The End of the Prophet Presents and CSPAN Congressional testimony, here.

Protecting Children and Free Speech Online (ACLU, 2008). Link. Blogger review.

GLBT-related movies on YouTube here.

Other company or NBO specific podcasts and videos here.

Le Regole Globali della Privacy.  Google's Peter Fleischer speaks about Internet privacy and scanning issues, and the US concept of "public space" which allows pictures to be taken, as well as Google earth. Fleischer would be arrested for Google's supposed violation of Italian law for failing to screen a video that violated privacy. Link.

Living with Congestive Heart Failure (UCSF), 52 min, with Michael Harper. blogger.

Tim Andres (pianist):2 pianos (Youtube)with cellist (Youtube)

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