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John W Boushka

4201 Wilson Blvd #110-688

Arlington VA 22203-1859



My contact page.


I was my original intention to place this material on but have placed it here because of some technical issues on that site at this time (7/2004).


Plans for rest of 2004 (as of 8/1/2004): “in retirement”


Continue substitute teaching or other part-time or interim jobs (postal work, retail, or short-term IT projects, or writing submissions)


Complete the setup of miniDV movie-editing on my own computer lab (8/2004)


Complete experimental screenplay (similar to my two DADT feature scripts but cheaper, simpler, and more linear from a storytelling perspective) and enter into a contest by 9/30/2004


Start novel “Rain on the Snow” which is a rewrite of about the first half of “Tribunal and Rapture” (break into two novels); template is done


Start setup of .NET environment for web and database applications for  (10/2004)


Complete investigation of advertising opportunities for websites (11/2004)


Complete “Rain on the Snow” (1/2005)