Multiple Choice Quiz on “Do Ask Do Tell” content (books and websites)


(This is a work-in-progress.  The intention is to come up with multiple-choice questions that actually might be of value to students preparing for various academic proficiency exams, whether SAT’s, standard of learning in various states, and the like. The questions are intended to stimulate critical thinking and correlation of materials in different courses.)


(These are original questions by me. )


  1. Which statement is not true of retroviruses?
    1. They occur in other mammals besides man.
    2. They are known to be spread through the air by person-to-person contact
    3. They may be spread from mother to unborn child
    4. They may be spread by heterosexual sexual intercourse.
    5. There is more than one retrovirus and it can cause several kinds of disease
    6. None of the above.


  1. Which statement best characterizes the provisions of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding homosexuals in the military?


    1. A servicemember may be discharged for any statement made to anyone, civilian or military, that he or she is homosexual.
    2. A servicemember may be discharged if he or she intentionally draws attention to his or her sexual orientation in the media.
    3. A servicemember may be discharged for homosexual acts with other servicemembers
    4. A servicemember may be discharged for going to gay bars or marching anonymously in gay parades.
    5. A servicemember may intentionally get discharged by pretending to be homosexual.


  1. Which statement is not a legally legitimate goal of a government-funded abstinence education policy during the current Bush administration?


    1. Public acceptance of sexual abstinence except in legal marriage encourages most adults to seek stable marriages and promotes public respect for the institution of marriage as a shared ideal.
    2. Sexual abstinence is the most certain way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
    3. Sexual abstinence encourages someone to become self-sufficient before starting sexual activity.
    4. Sexual abstinence is a calculated choice for individual self-interest.


  1. Which of the following is not an aim of a politician proposing resuming the draft (military conscription) in 2003?


    1. To make the sacrifices of war be shared more equitably among economic and racial classes.
    2. To reduce the pressure on Reserve and Guard units serving in Iraq.
    3. To lift the military ban on gays.
    4. To make the nation better able to respond to multiple military threats.


  1. A minister begins a sermon with a parable and then builds his speech “inside out” to make his moral point. He is using which of the following intellectual processes?
    1. Deductive reasoning.
    2. Inductive reasoning.
    3. Subjunctive mood.
    4. Subjectivity.


  1. What is the purpose of the subjunctive mood in many languages?


    1. To separate the familiar and formal elements of the second person.
    2. To provide a past tense perfect.
    3. To provide a clear way to distinguish between fact and conjecture.
    4. To simplify conjugation of verbs.


  1. Which of the following are complaints by Osama bin Laden against America?


    1. Support of Israel.
    2. Occupation of Muslim lands.
    3. Proliferation of commercial and permissive culture around the world through the media and Internet.
    4. None of these.
    5. All of these.


  1. Which statement best explains why Saudi Arabia is such an important country for American interests?


    1. It is a leading source of reasonably-priced crude oil and its government is vulnerable to terrorist overthrow.
    2. It is a leading source of reasonably-priced crude oil and its government is a stable theocracy.
    3. It was the source of 15 of the 19 hijackers on September 11, 2001.
    4. It contains the two holiest sites for Islam.


  1. According to modern standards of business ethics, which kind of employee probably should not have a blog on the Internet under his own name that he or she maintains outside of his or her employment?


    1. Computer programmer
    2. Manager with direct reports or teacher who gives grades
    3. Sales assistant in a department store.
    4. Repair person who makes service calls.


  1. According to the latest Supreme Court rulings, which of the following characterizes the current state of affirmative action?


    1. Racial preferences are never acceptable in educational admission policies.
    2. Racial preferences may be acceptable in a limited way in some circumstances
    3. Racial preferences are always required to maintain racial balance
    4. Forced bussing is never allowed today in school systems.


  1. In the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), the term “harmful to minors” is supposed to mean which of the following?


    1. Legally obscene.
    2. Child pornography.
    3. Obscene with respect to minors.
    4. Indecent.


  1. Which of the following is not true of mercantilism?


    1. It developed during the decay of feudalism.
    2. Mother country uses its colonies to improve its economic prosperity and balance of trade.
    3. Mother country sends political or religious dissidents to overseas colonies.
    4. Mother country may tax profits of colonists.


  1. Which of these authors is known for his or her interest and accomplishments in special education?


    1. Elinor Burkett
    2. Denish D’Souza
    3. Clay Aiken
    4. Barbara Ehrenreich
    5. Paul Rosenfels
    6. Sebastian Junger


  1. In law, “rebuttable presumption” means


    1. That a statement from a person can lead one to conclude that the person has probably behaved in some particular way, and the person has a chance to challenge that conclusion.
    2. That a statement from a person can lead one to conclude that a person has behaved in some particular way, and the person cannot challenge the conclusion.
    3. That the statement proves that the person has behaved in some particular way.
    4. The same thing as conclusive presumption.


  1. Which writer believes that American society is unfair to childless adults?


    1. Elinor Burkett
    2. Denish D’Souza
    3. Clay Aiken
    4. Barbara Ehrenreich
    5. Paul Rosenfels
    6. Sebastian Junger


  1. In federal law or in the laws of some states, child pornography includes


    1. visual images showing minors in actual sexual acts
    2. visual images simulating minors in sexual acts
    3. visual images of apparent minors in sexual acts
    4. written words that attempt to engage minors in the commission of sexual acts
    5. one deleted image of a minor in a sexual act on a home computer
    6. all of these
    7. none of these


  1. A successful door-to-door salesman would, according to Rosenfels, probably fit the following personality polarity type:


    1. Feminine subjective, unbalanced
    2. Masculine subjective, balanced
    3. Masculine subjective, unbalanced
    4. Feminine objective, balanced
    5. Masculine object, unbalanced


  1. A parent leaves a will that stipulates a child gets a portion of the will only if he is married at the time of the parent’s death.  This is an example of


    1. dead hand
    2. probate
    3. intestate
    4. joint tenancy
    5. tenants in common


  1. Which of the following best describes the legal status of downloading music by file sharing?


    1. It is illegal without permission because of copyright law
    2. It is legal because file sharing is a broadcast medium
    3. It is illegal because file sharing is patented.
    4. It is legal because copyright law considers downloading to be fair use.
    5. It is legal for your own use only


  1. Which of these authors is most concerned about the falling birth date in richer societies?


    1. Barbara Ehrenreich
    2. Sebastian Junger
    3. Phillip Longman
    4. Paul Rosenfels
    5. Jennifer Roback Morse


  1. Which of the following is (or was) not an unethical practice?


    1. Simony
    2. Churning
    3. Twisting
    4. Fair use
    5. Selling of indulgences
    6. Use of pseudonyms


  1. The “plaintiff’s bar” probably relates the most to


    1. military cost overruns
    2. medical malpractice insurance rates
    3. copyright infringement
    4. file-sharing
    5. piracy


  1. The author who wrote about how peace facilitates democracy is


    1. Patricia Warren
    2. Caroline Kennedy
    3. Mark Pietrzyk
    4. Paul Rosenfels
    5. Sebastian Junger


  1. Which religious tradition most relates to “salvation through Grace”?


    1. Roman Catholicism
    2. Protestantism
    3. Islam
    4. Eastern Orthodox Church
    5. Judaism
    6. Mormonism


  1. A person who is very determined to follow goals chosen by himself has which personality type?


    1. Masculine
    2. Feminine
    3. Balanced
    4. Unbalanced
    5. Objective
    6. Subjective


  1. Which concept probably relates the least to the notion that God intends some people to be “better” than others regardless of their works?


    1. Calvinism
    2. Meritocracy
    3. Mainstream Protestantism
    4. Islam


  1. Objectivism probably comports most closely with which other political philosophies?


    1. Socialist democracy
    2. Individualism and libertarianism
    3. Communism
    4. Fascism
    5. Classical liberalism


  1. The new telemarketing law (as of Oct 2003) would allow practices:


    1. Non-profits organizations seeking donations without using the do-not-call list
    2. Non-profits seeking donations and selling subscriptions without using the do-not-call list
    3. Non-profits calling past a set time period to seek donations
    4. Non profits calling cell phones to seek donations


  1. When could a web domain owner incur downstream liability?


    1. If his server is hijacked to send illegal spam
    2. If his email name is spoofed in spam
    3. If someone commits a crime after reading his content and his content is not illegal
    4. None of these


  1. In ancient Rome


    1. Strict sexual morality was practiced
    2. Fathers sometimes had the legal right to sell their children or kill them
    3. Government was always a republic
    4. All classes had equal political rights.


  1. Which European Romance language has significant vocabulary borrowed from Arabic?


    1. French
    2. English
    3. Italian
    4. Basque
    5. Spanish
    6. Latin
    7. Russian


  1. Which of the following capabilities is protected now by the First Amendment?


    1. Immunity of ISPs from downstream liability for crimes committed by their customers in most cases.
    2. The capability of a speaker with modest means to become known on the World Wide Web for his views on sexually controversial topics, even though immature minors may find his material.
    3. The capability of a unmarried and childless speaker to embarrass his family through the World Wide Web.
    4. The ability of a private organization to discriminate against a group
    5. All of these
    6. None of these


  1. Which of the following concepts are well established in American copyright law?


    1. Moral rights
    2. Fair use
    3. The ability to copyright a book title
    4. Media perils insurance
    5. Trademark
    6. Patent


  1. If you make a low-budget movie and show an image of Justin Timberlake without his consent in the movie and then exhibit the movie to the public, you may have violated Mr. Timberlake’s


    1. Right to privacy
    2. Right of publicity
    3. Copyright ownership
    4. Trademark
    5. None of these


  1. Which of the following is likely to discriminate on the basis of marital status?


    1. Employers in mainstream jobs
    2. Landlords of commercially owned apartment houses
    3. Automobile insurance companies
    4. None of these


  1. Which of these concepts would contradict the goal of ending gender discrimination?


    1. ENDA
    2. The family wage
    3. Collective bargaining
    4. Aesthetic realism
    5. None of these


  1. Which of these sentences explains differences in skin color among different human races?


    1. Close to the Equator, where the Sun’s ultraviolet light is most direct, people need more pigment to protect them from runaway burns and cancer.
    2. Far from the Equator, where the Sun’s ultraviolet light is much less intense because of low sun angle, people should not have too much pigment so their skin can make Vitamin D
    3. Both of these
    4. None of these


  1. In which community were public schools closed in the early 1960s to avoid school desegregation?


    1. Washington, DC
    2. Richmond, VA
    3. Arlington, VA
    4. Farmville, VA
    5. Cumberland, MD


  1. Which of these facts about gram-negative bacteria is true?


    1. Their cell walls may be thicker or have extra material
    2. They may be more resistant to antibiotics
    3. They are often anaerobic
    4. All of these
    5. None of these


  1. Which of these planets or satellites have atmospheres as thick as Earth’s?


    1. Triton, Titan and Venus
    2. Titan, Venus and Neptune
    3. Venus, Mars, Jupiter
    4. Mars, Titan, Mercury
    5. Europa, Titan, Venus


  1. “With all deliberate speed” refers to which social issue?


    1. affirmative action.
    2. Gender discrimination.
    3. Segregated schools.
    4. Forced bussing.
    5. Gays in the military.
    6. Gay marriage.


  1. When an “if… then…” statement is true, then which other statement is always true?


    1. Inverse
    2. Converse
    3. Contrapositive.
    4.  None of these.
    5. All of these.


  1. Betty Friedan is best known for which social change?


    1. Advancement of women in the workplace
    2. Advancement of lesbians in the military
    3. School integration
    4. Ending age discrimination
    5. Fair labor standards


  1. The Amistad is associated with which social issue?


    1. Segregation
    2. The military gay ban
    3. Slavery
    4. Polygamy
    5. Separation of church and state


  1. A debt collector reaches the mother of an adult debtor. The mother says the son is disabled and that she is taking care of him. According to the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) the collector may talk to the mother


    1. never
    2. only if she is a legal guardian
    3. always, because she is providing custodial care and he is disabled
    4. only if he is mentally incompetent


  1. If two lines on a graph are perpendicular, what is the product of their slopes?


    1. 0
    2. 1
    3. -1
    4. ½
    5. -1/2
    6. 2
    7. -2


  1. If you are told the slope and one point on a graph of a linear equation, how do you find the y-intercept?


    1. Compute the x-intercept first.
    2. Plug in the points and slope and solve y=mx+b
    3. Plug in the points and slope and apply the quadratic formula
    4. None of these


  1. Which of these statements about the Axiom of Choice is not true?


    1. It says that for set of mutually exclusive non-empty sets, there is at least one set that contains one element form each of these sets.
    2. It is equivalent to Zorn’s Lemma, the Trichotomy Law, and the Well-Ordering Principle in combination
    3. It is equivalent to Associative and Commutative properties in algebra
    4. It is normally considered a postulate in topology, analysis, and algebra courses.


  1. A collection agency collecting medical debts would normally have to comply principally with


    1. HIPAA and FDCPA
    2. HIPAA and FCRA
    3. FLSA and FDCPA
    4. HIPAA and FSLA


  1. Which political issue probably would have motivated the phrase “do ask do tell” the most?


    1. The military gay ban.
    2. The AIDS epidemic
    3. Abstinence education
    4. No Child Left Behind


  1. Which of these examples would not demonstrate osmosis or at least diffusion?


    1. Fresh water moves into a paramecium.
    2. Fluids are given intravenously to revive a dehydrated person after heat stroke.
    3. An amoeba engulfs its food.
    4. You smell chocolate chip cookies baking


  1. The relevance of the “Smallville effect” to the legal problems with the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) is


    1. The fact that COPA defines “harmful to minors”
    2. The fact that COPA has a “serious value” clause that could be applied to all minors
    3. The fact that COPA has a “serious value” clause and that some minors, even of a given age, are much more mature than other minors.
    4. The fact that material under COPA is illegal only when it appeals to the prurient interest.


  1. In the opinion of the author of the “do ask do tell” books, gay rights is a disturbing notion to a significant percentage of Americans because


    1. Gays might be perceived as second-class citizens.
    2. Gays are perceived as not sharing family responsibility equitably.
    3. Gays are biologically different and therefore a threat.
    4. Homosexuality is a personal choice.  


  1. Which of these cities is not on the Fall Line?


    1. Trenton, NJ
    2. Baltimore, MD
    3. Richmond, VA
    4. Washington, DC
    5. Williamsburg, VA


  1. Which of these examples would demonstrate active transport?


    1. Fresh water moves into a paramecium.
    2. Fluids are given intravenously to revive a dehydrated person after heat stroke.
    3. You smell chocolate chip cookies baking.
    4. A sodium ion moves out of an axon.


  1. A purported right to health care would be


    1. a fundamental right
    2. a social right
    3. an expressive right
    4. an original right
    5. a fundamental right and a social right


  1. President Bush’s 2005 inaugural claim that the public interest depends on private character is commensurate with which of these concepts?


    1. libertarianism
    2. aesthetic realism
    3. conservatism
    4. all of these
    5. none of these 


  1. President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” would invoke


    1. fundamental rights only
    2. both fundamental and social rights
    3. expressive rights
    4. collective rights and social rights


  1. Which of these is not a statement that would have to be proved?


    1. lemma
    2. theorem
    3. corollary
    4. postulate


  1. What base is used for arithmetic on IBM mainframe computers?


    1. 10
    2. 16
    3. 8
    4. 12


  1. Which kind of angle would have a measure greater than pi?


    1. acute
    2. obtuse
    3. reflex
    4. scalene
    5. right
    6. straight


  1. A philosophy that says people should learn to get interested in that which makes them needed by others is best named as:


    1. utilitarianism
    2. Darwinism
    3. Aesthetic realism
    4. Libertarianism
    5. Epistemology


  1. During which war could men buy their way out of the draft?


    1. War Between the States (Union soldiers)
    2. World War I
    3. World War II
    4. Revolutionary War
    5. Vietnam War
    6. Korean War


  1. Which mathematical concept was particularly frightening during the first three years of the AIDS epidemic?


    1. arithmetic progression
    2. geometric progression
    3. geometric mean
    4. arithmetic mean
    5. median
    6. box and whiskers


  1. Which statement is not true about most proposals for Universal National Service?


    1. It would provide alternatives to military service
    2. It would exclude open gays and lesbians
    3. It would be limited to men
    4. It would include opportunities both overseas and domestic


  1. Fundamental rights can be found in


    1. The Bill of Rights only
    2. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights only
    3. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, some other amendments, and court opinions
    4. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, some other amendments, and legislated entitlements.  


  1. In the Dred Scott decision


    1. The Supreme Court ruled that it did not have jurisdiction to set a slave free
    2. The Supreme Court ruled that slavery was unconstitutional
    3. The Supreme Court ruled that slavery was constitutional
    4. The Supreme Court ruled that secession was unconstitutional
    5. The Supreme Court ruled that secession was constitutional


  1. Plessy v. Ferguson


    1. Upheld the separate but equal concept but that concept would be overturned later by another ruling
    2. Upheld the separate but equal concept for racial segregation and that holds today
    3. Held that slavery as unconstitutional
    4. Held that the Reconstruction was unconstitutional


  1. Which of the following is probably not an example of involuntary servitude?


    1. impressment
    2. segregation
    3. conscription
    4. slavery


  1. Which early settlement did novelist/screenplay-writer Stephen King refer to in Storm of the Century?


    1. Jamestown, VA
    2. Roanoke Island, NC
    3. Williamsburg, VA
    4. Plymouth, MA
    5. Bar Harbor, ME


  1. When a publisher pulls an author’s book for poor sales, this is an example of


    1. accountability
    2. authentication
    3. conflict of interest
    4. none of these


  1. L’Hopital’s rule is a direct corollary of


    1. The Mean Value Theorem
    2. Rolle’s Theorem
    3. The Chain Rule for Differentiation
    4. Integration by parts
    5. The Axiom of Choice


  1. Minimax rational function approximation would most likely be studied in a course on


    1. Algebra
    2. Advanced calculus
    3. Numerical analysis
    4. Number theory


  1. “Good Will Hunting” by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is an example of what literary form?


    1. Novel
    2. Non-fiction
    3. Short story
    4. Fairy tale
    5. Screenplay


  1. Among the numbers on the list (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 21) which are not primes?


    1. 2, 3, 11
    2. 6, 8, 21
    3. 2, 6, 8, 21
    4. 2, 6, 7, 13, 21


  1. If the Supreme Court upholds the 1993 “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law, it most likely would invoke which concept?


    1. Explicit powers of Congress and the Executive
    2. Fundamental rights
    3. The right to privacy
    4. The Penumbra Clause  


  1. Which kinds of cells have mitochondria?


    1. bacteria cells, plant cells, and animal cells
    2. animal cells
    3. animal cells and plant cells
    4. bacteria cells and animal cells
    5. bacteria cells and plant cells


  1. When is a function f(x) that is differentiable at x=c convex at c?


    1. When the first derivative at c is 0.
    2. When the second derivative at c is 0
    3. When the second derivative at c > 0
    4. When the second derivative at c < 0
    5. None of these 


  1. For the function (x - 2) ** 1/3 * (2x – 2) ** 2/3


    1. The point (1, 0) is a cusp
    2. The graph has a vertical tangent at x = 2
    3. None of these
    4. Both of these


  1. Which of these cells have a cell wall?


    1. Plant cells and all bacteria cells
    2. Plant cells and many bacteria cells
    3. Plant cells only
    4. Plant cells and animal cells
    5. Animal cells only


  1. Which writer advanced the idea of survival of the fittest when applied to economic policy?


    1. Charles Darwin
    2. Herbert Spencer
    3. Rene Descartes
    4. Voltaire
    5. Galileo


  1. Rosicrucianism is


    1. a religious faith
    2. a cultural fraternity
    3. a social organization
    4. a Christian denomination
    5. the same thing as freemasonry


  1. A theory that says that a divine or omnipresent being guided the development of life as we know it on earth is called


    1. creationism
    2. scientific creationism
    3. evolution
    4. intelligent design 


  1. The most middle of the road approach to teaching about homosexuality in a public high school biology or health class would be


    1. sexual orientation is probably immutable but sexual behaviors can be chosen or rejected
    2. sexual orientation is chosen and sexual behaviors can be chosen or rejected
    3. sexual orientation is immutable and sexual behaviors are not chosen
    4. most wild animals exhibit homosexuality


  1. Which combination of services would be the least logical when offered by a web hosting company for a shared hosting service?


    1. Windows 2003, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MS SQL, Access, java
    2. Windows 2000, Access, Foxpro
    3. Unix, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MS SQL, java, c#
    4. Unix, php, java, Mysql


  1. What would the number 21 look like when written in Octal?


    1. 17
    2. 1E
    3. 21
    4. 10
    5. 8


  1. Which theorem or concept connects the antiderivative of a function to the definite integral?


    1. Riemann sums
    2. Mean Value Theorm
    3. Rolles Theorem
    4. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
    5. Axiom of Choice


  1. Which kingdom would have prokaryotic cells?


    1. Protista
    2. Monera
    3. Fungi
    4. Plants
    5. Animals


  1. The paramecium belongs to which kingdom?
    1. Protista
    2. Monera
    3. Fungi
    4. Plants
    5. Animals


  1. Which organism belongs to phylum Chordata but is sessile as an adult?


    1. Sea anemone
    2. Tunicate or Sea squirt
    3. Lancet
    4. Lamprey
    5. Eel


  1. A Chinook wind in the upper Great Plains often removes snow quickly. This illustrates


    1. Boyle’s Law
    2. Charles’s Law
    3. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    4. Pauli Exclusion Principle


  1. Which scientific principle most affects the Periodic Table?


    1. Boyles’s Law
    2. Charles’s Law
    3. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    4. Pauli Exclusion Principle


  1. On the television program “Numbers” Charlie notes that when the police record information about bank robberies they may be affecting future robberies. This illustrates which principle?


    1. Boyles’s Law
    2. Charles’s Law
    3. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    4. Pauli Exclusion Principle


  1. Approximately how old is the (U.S., federal) Bill of Rights?


    1. 165 years
    2. 170 years
    3. 205 years
    4. 230 years
    5. 105 years


  1. The Euler number e belongs to which sets of numbers?


    1. Reals, rationals
    2. Reals
    3. Reals, complex
    4. Reals, comples, rational


  1. You want to demonstrate how to find the area of an isosceles right triangle, with hypotenuse = 1, with calculus. The right way to do this is:


    1. Find the definite integral of x dx from 0 to 1
    2. Find the definite integral of x dx from 0 to 2
    3. Find the derivative of f(x) = x**2 and evaluate from 0 to 1
    4. Find the derivative of f(x) = x**2 and evaluate from 0 to 2


  1. The number pi can be calculated as


    1. The indefinite integral of 1 / (1 + x**2)
    2. The improper integral of 1 / (1 + x**2) from – infinity to + infinity
    3. The improper integral of 1 / (1 + x**2) from 0 to + infinity
    4. The indefinite integral of 1 / (1 + x**2) from – infinity to + infinity


  1. What is the most logical way to derive the area of a circle with radius 1?


    1. Integrate 2 * pi * r dr  from 0 to 1
    2. Build a sequence of triangles to the center out to polygons inscribed with the circle and take the limit as the number of polygons increases
    3. Neither of these
    4. Both of these


  1. If the graph of y = f(x) is symmetric about the y axis, what can you say about the graph of the inverse x = f(y)?


    1. It is a function and is symmetric about the x axis.
    2. It is a relation and it is symmetric about the x axis.
    3. It is a function and it is symmetric about the  y axis.
    4. It is a relation and it is symmetric about the y axis.


  1. Washington played .400 ball this season.”  This sentence is an example of


    1. prolepsis
    2. metonymy
    3. irony
    4. hyperbole


101. Given the function y = 5 sin (3x + 6) the number 2 would represent


            a. amplitude

            b. phase angle

            c. period

            d. frequency


102.  The domain -1 <=x <= 1 would apply to


            a. arcsin x only

            b. arcsin x and arctan x

            c. arcsin x and arcos x

            d. arcsin x, arcos x, sin -1 x cos -1 x

            e.  arctan x and arccot x 


103. Which are transcendental functions?


            a. trigonometric functions

            b. natural logarithms

            c. exponential functions

            d. all of these

            e. none of these


104. The statement y = tan -1 (3 ** ½ ) is equivalent to


            a. y = arctan (sqrt 3)

            b. tan y = sqrt 3

            c. tan y = 1.7321

            d. all of these

            e. none of these


105.  For y = x ** 3 between x = -1 and x = 2

            a. The area under the curve is 17/4 and the definite integral between these points is 15/4

            b. The area under the curve is 17/4 and the definite integral between these points is also 17/4

            c. The area under the curve us 15/4 and the definite integral between these points is also 15/4

            d. The area under the curve is 15/4 and the definite integral between these points is 17/4.


106.  The notion of a well-ordered set of real numbers is expressed by

            a. transitive property

            b. trichotomy property

            c. associative property

            d. identity property

            e. multiplicative property


107. A filial responsibility law

            a. Can only be invoked upon an adult child when a parent has given away assets to qualify for Medicaid

            b. May be invoked upon an adult child if the parent has become indigent

            c. Can only be invoked on an adult child living in the same state

            d. Is invalid because Medicare programs exist


108. The relationship between an inscribed angle and central angle (inside a circle) is

            a. ratio of .5

            b. equal

            c. ratio of 2

            d. not known from the information


109. When a person publishes information about his own family

            a. legal requirements include permission of the head of the family

            b. normal intellectual property law (privacy, publicity, copyright) applies

            c. permission must be obtained from all family members

            d. permission is included in filial responsibility laws


110  Which of these is the least consonant with tribalism?

            a. family values

            b. a patriarchal society

            c. most religious practice

            d. individualism


111.  The reference angle for a standard position angle of 300 degrees is

            a. 30 degrees

            b. 60 degrees

            c. 90 degrees

            d. 270 degrees

            e. 300 degrees


112.  Consider the points A=(0,0), B=(3,4), C=(0,4). What is the dot product of the vectors AB and AC?


            a.  12

            b.  20

            c.  16

            d.  8

            e.  24


113.  Which matrix corresponds to the complex number I (or sqrt of -1)?

            a.  0 -1

                 1 0


            b.   0 1

                   1 0


             c.  0 -1

                 -1 0


             d.  0  -1

                  -1  -1


114.  In which list do all functions have inverses for all real numbers?

          a.  y=x. y=x**2, y=x**3 

            b.  y=x. y = sin x  y = x ** 3

           c.  y = sqrt x  y = x y = sin x

           d.  y = x   y = x ** 3  y = x ** 5   


115  If a slakeboarder travels 5 mph with wheels 2 inches in diameter, what is the angular velocity of each wheel?


            a. 5280 revolutions per min

            b. 5280 radians per min

            c. 1681 revolutions per min

            d. 10560 revolutions per minute


116, Let p = the number pi.  If an alternating current is given by I = 20 sin (120 pt – p) where t = time in seconds, what is the frequency per second?


            a. 30

            b. 60

            c. 120

            d. 240

            e. not known


117. A particle moves along a unit circle at the origin. Let t be the angle it forms

            a. When the vertical distance of the particle from the origin is sin t, the velocity is cos t.

            b.  When the vertical distance of the particle from the origin is cos t the velocity is sin t

            c. neither or these

            d. both of these


118.  Which of these is an asymptote of  y = csc x ?


            a.  x = 0  x = 2 л

            b.  x = л

            c.  y = 0 and y = 2л

            d.  y = л


119.  Which of these relations are not functions?


            a. y = csc x  y = sec x  y = tan x  y = cot x

            b.  y = sin x  y = cos x

            c.  y = csc x  y = sin x

            d.  y = cos c y = cot x 


120  Regarding the symbol ρ in spherical coordinates, which of these is true?

            a. It is measured from the origin

            b. It is measured from the Z-axis

            c. It is always measured in degrees

            d. It is sin Φ where Φ measures the angle from the Z-azis


121. What is the most important comparison of a screenplay and novel?

            a. They both follow a three-part structure

            b.  The screenplay often abbreviates dialogue and allows a story to be told visually whereas a novel has descriptions and often more complete dialogue

            c. The screenplay has an omniscient observer

            d. Screenwriters are more concerned with whether a story will sell


122.  Which of these triangle pairs is congruent?

            a. triangles with the same angles

            b. two right triangles with the same hypotenuse and one other side

            c. two triangles with two angles equal and one side other than those between the angles

            d. two equilateral triangles (1) inscribed inside a circle and (2) with sides tangent to a circle.


123. If you take y = x **2 and move the graph 2 units to the left what is the equation

            a. y = x **2  - 4x + 4

            b.  y = x ** 2  + 4x  + 4

            c.  y = x ** 2 – 2

            d.  y = x ** 2 + 2


124.  A city has a population of 1000000 people of race A and 500000 people of race B. race A is declining in population at 1% a year and race B increases at 5 % a year. What expression shows when the populations will be equal?


            a. ln (1/2) = x ln (.99/1.05), solve for x

            b. log (1/2) = x  log (.99/1.05) solve for x

            c.  log 2 = x log (.99/1.05) solve for x

            d. all of these

            e. a and b

            f.  none of these


125. Which proposal or concept would logically combined liberal and conservative approaches to social justice?

            a. loyalty to blood

            b. a “pay your dues” moral philosophy emphasizing public service and ability to support another person

            c. gay marriage

            d. socialism

            e. individualism  


126.   Let z = x + iy be a complex number and let F(z) = (abs (z), x, i).

         Let q belong to the collection of all such F(z). Let q(a) > a (b) iff

         Abs (a) > Abs (b) or x (a) > x (b) or y (a) > y (b).


         Consider these statements

          (1)  F is a function

          (2) F is measurable

           (3) F is well-ordered

           (4) F is antisymmertirc, transitive, and reflexive


           Which of these is right?

          a. 1, 3, 4

          b. 1, 2, 3, 4

          c.  1, 2, 3

          d. 1, 3, 4


127.  Given two vectors, which will increase more if the angle between the vectors increases?

            a. dot product

            b. vector product

            c. scalar product

            d. all are the same  


128.  The graph of the parameter equations x = 2 cos t and y = 4 sin t


            a. An ellipse taller than it is wide

            b. an ellipse wider than it is tall

            c. a circle

            d. a hyperbola


129.  Gabriel’s Horn

            a. Has finite volume but infinite surface area

            b. Has finite surface area but infinite volume

            c. Has finite volume and surface area

            d. Has infinite volume and surface area


130. How do hyperbolic functions compare to trigonometric functions

            a. hyperbolic functions are real and trig are comples

            b. trig are real and hyperbolic are complex

            c. hyperbolic functions cannot be developed with a Taylor series

            d. trigonometric functions cannot be developed with a Taylor series


Categories:   Science:  Biology 1, 37, 39  Psychology 17, 25    Astronomy 40

                      Math: 5

                      Social Studies:  History  7, 12, 24, 26, 30, 38

Geography  8     Civics 2, 3, 4, 9,  10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16,  18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 31,  32, 33, 34, 35, 36                     

                        Languages and Literature:  English     6   Philosophy 27









Answers  so far  1 b    2 a   3 d   4  c   5 b  6 c   7  e  8 a   9 b   10 b   11 c   12 c 13 c 14 a 15 a  16 f   17 b  18 a  19 a  20 c  21 d  22 b  23 c  24 b  25 d   26 c  27 b 28 a 29a 30b 31 e 32 e 33 b  34 b  35 c   36 b  37 c (simpler animals will change their outward appearance very quickly to survive in changed environments) 38 d  39 d  40 b  41 c  42 c  43 a  44 c  45 b 46 c   47 b   48 c   49 a   50 a   51 c  52 c  53 b   54 e  55 d  56 b  57 d  58 b  59 d  60 b  61 c   62 c  63 a  64 b  65 c   66 c  67 a  68 a  69 b  70 b  71 b  72 a  73 c 74 e  75 b  76 a 77 c  78 d  79 a  80 b  81 b  82 b  83 d  84 a  85 c  86 a  87 d  88 b  89 a  90 b 91 b  92 d 93 c  94 c  95 b  96 a  98 d  (b is acceptable)  99 b  100 b 101 b 102 d 103 d 104 d  105 a

More questions will be added over time.  106 b  107 b   108 a   109 b  110 d  111 b  112 a 113 a  114 d  115 b 116 b  117 a  118 a  119 a  120 a 121 b  122 b  123 b  124 e  125 b  126 a  127 b 128 b  129 a




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