Retirement statement for John W. Boushka


I am currently “retired.”  I no longer have regular income from working at regular wages that provide income over social security minimums while I am in the interim age range (62-65).


There is some additional income from small interim jobs and from small freelance contracts. There is no hidden work income being funneled or “laundered” through third parties (family members, offshore accounts, etc).


I do continue to develop projects based on previous writings, and I have a conviction that this material could be sold one day in a big way to a media outlet. At that point, income would suddenly increase. If I considered “working” to support such a (now hypothetical) sale, then social security benefits would stop until age 66, according to regulations, and the amount recalibrated at full retirement age.  My plans follow the “nature of the beast.” It is difficult to make steady income from third parties with my kind of material, but there is a considerable chance that someday it could generate money suddenly. Call this “The O.C. Comic Book Club” problem if you like. It is also possible that the writing activity (or the research behind it) could eventually lead to a more conventionally structured job with an employer, and in such a scenario benefits would again stop until full age with similar recalculation. The point is, the self-funded (no “Other People’s Money”!) writing activities generate very little revenue right now.


It is true that my methods of promoting my writings may seem controversial. I post writings for free browsing, with the intention of becoming known in a public space. This is a technique of “passive marketing” largely through Internet search engines. Some copies of the books do sell through a cooperative publisher, but future success at this requires new books and concepts (such as screenplays or database paradigms) to be built on the old. I do not offer for free content that was not free before retirement or where free access would be inconsistent with the market for materials of this nature. I do not provide content (such as reports or examination questions) or services (such as programming or research) to specific clients or customers without charging a reasonable price according to general market conditions.


It is important that most of my income in my working life did come from conventional jobs with salaries, or at least with hourly wages. A very small amount has been earned from commissions and royalties. My retirement claim is based on the method by which most of my income was earned in a reliable, steady manner at least to the end of 2002.


“Retirement” does mean career changes and new paradigms for contributing to our world. It does not really mean the end of work.