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This page will show submissions to commercial publications.  Generally, most publications take two to four weeks to answer queries or submissions. If a submission does not receive a reply within a few weeks, I will post the submission here so that readers can follow what I am submitting in relation to the ongoing debate on political issues (like same-sex marriage or Internet censorship). Should a publication contact me about publication after that, I may have to remove the entry from this site.


I am posting these on my personal site rather than my “commercial” sites because they were intended for other publications.


4/27/2004 Query on same-sex marriage


4/29.2004 Essay on same-sex marriage


1/1/2005  Letter to the Washington Times on eldercare, published.


8/12/2005 Letter to The Washington Blade on “family values” and gay marriage, published  (original letter unedited)


8/17/2005  Similar letter to The Washington Post on ex-gays


01/24/2006  Letter to the Washington Times on the “loveless society,” not published


04/01/2006  Letter to the Washington Times on Borders, published  (or here)


07/19/2006  Letter to the Washington Times: “Employers Should Announce Blogging Policies.” (split over two pages)  1   2  or here for original



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                        Child Online Protection Act (COPA)  (supplement)

                       Essay on “hyperindividualism and solidarity



The Congressman for where I live (as of 9/1/2003) is Jim Moran, the Eight District in Va.  Here are several letters that I have submitted to him, as well as letters to other elected representatives. .


Telemarketing  (9/2003)

Piracy and the Induce Act (8/2004)

The draft and universal service (10/11/2004)

The Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2005 (03/18/3005)

Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 and Internet regulation exemption overruled  (03/18/2005)

Privacy and the Internet (5/8/2005)

Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (7/26/2005)

Pensions and elder health care (10/26/2005)

Internet Regulation, Employers, and Child Protection (5/4/2006)

Letter to me from Jim Moran on hate crimes and GLBT people (9/16/2005)

Letter to Jim Moran (3/9/2006) on The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and state filial responsibility laws

Letter to Jim Moran (3/14/2006) on H5N1 Bird Flu Vaccine Manufacturers and Downstream Liability

Avian influenza: vaccine and public policy (5/10/2006) (with detailed reply)

Letter to Jim Moran (6/22/2006) on Network Neutrality bills

Letter to Sen. John Warner and Sen. George Allen (both R. VA) on Induce Infringement of Copyrights Act, S 2560, 9/29/2004

Letters (2) to Rep. Daniel Eisenberg, Va. General Assembly, Jan. 30, 2005

Letter to Mary Margaret Whipple, Va. State Senate, Feb. 16, 2005

Letter sent March 3, 2003 to Sen. Mark Dayton, Sen. Norm Coleman, Rep. Mark Sabo (I lived in Minneapolis, MN then.)


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