The following comments have been made by readers about the subject matter of this site. In some cases, readers have made comments on various discussion boards and I have contacted them for republication.  They have been moved to  from  Submission link.


Various comments from readers


The Electronic Frontier Foundation comments on the "indecency" concept of the 1996 Communications Decency Act (now struck down by the Supreme Court) and about the proposed "harmful to minors" provision of a new Senate bill.

Robert Cassler

Attorney and playright Robert Cassler comments on the "indecency" concept.

Phil Chandler

Phil Chandler discussed the outcome of Hardwick v. Bowers and the course of judicial attitudes in gay-related cases since. (to be continued)

Phil Chandler (2)

Phil Chandler discussed the Supreme Court's reasoning in Lawrence v. Texas (to be continued)

Phil Chandler (3)

Phil Chandler traces the legal precedents for the gay equality, the right of privacy and substantive due process, especially with respect some major Supreme Court rulings

Nigel Ashford

“Equal Rights, not Gay Rights”

Karen Doering

Parental rights for trans-gendered persons

By Queersoup

Discussion of legal and political writing for a non-lawyer audience (esp. Do Ask, Do Tell)

Gloria Wolk

Discussion of viatical settlements and viatical investments (note 81a in the Chapter 5 footnotes)

Gode Davis

Comments on the possibility of war with Iraq and on weapons of mass destruction that may be loose in this country from our own military sources

Robert Halfhill

From ACT-UP/Gay-Liberation Front/Minnesota, on the treatment of HIV-positive prisoners in Mississippi; referred to me by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota

James Blodgett

Risk Evaluation Forum on the possible threat of new physics experiments

Joe H

Discussion of inheritance taxes and marriage (in the context of same-sex marriage)

Bill Courson

Queer Montclair, NJ – problem for same-sex spouse of a veteran

Michael T. McLoughlin

Comments on reparations for slavery


Michael T. McLoughlin

Comments on “Bill of Rights 2” and the constitutional amending process


John Uhl

Discussions of gay marriage (and legal attempts to block it with a constitutional amendment) with respect to biology and medical science

Richard W. Haines

On technology in the movies, and the debate about full widescreen format

Chris Poirot

More material on the 9/11/2001 attacks, in response to my reviews of 9/11 movies

Reader claiming my delusion

A reader claims that my book chapter on the War on Terror shows my “delusion”. Here is the email, and my reply.

In addition, author Edmund White offers, in the June 23, 1998 Advocate, comments that seem to directed at the preaching of people like me. On p. 58 he writes: "I would argue that monogamy is part of a pleasure-hating package being sold by aging gay leaders, now in their 50's and 60's (note - I am 55), people who through some ghastly process of natural selection manage to survive the plague precisely because they were so dysfunctional they could never get laid."

Reviews of Do Ask Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back by others. Right now on Amazon I am at 3-1/2 out of 5 stars. I answer the critic under the file “various” above. (Oh, yes, magazines always have “Mr. …. responds”.)  Later I’ll put something on the blogs.  

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