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Locations of files that were moved here from old domain (hppub up until August 2005).

(1/1/2005) New play regarding military gay ban to show in LA; new film project

Bill's Picks for Best Movies of 2004, 2005; and 2006     2007 (blogger)


WORK IN PROGRESS (and incidental showbiz comments)

Motion picture proposals: My Progress and other incidental movie topics:
Movie wish list
General project discussion
9/11/2001 in the movies
Screenplay or novel?
Smallville and TheWB (general comment)
Jake 2.0 (general comment)
Movies and books that deal with the military gay ban
Book proposals (to be developed); Purchase "Do Ask Do Tell" and "Our Fundamental Rights" books; (please use this link; there is a small inventory but the print-on-demand links are intended for public sale and distribution of the books); see first book narrative summary
Fundamental Rights "Slide Show"
Film playscript presentation (photos and short films in logical sequence for "do ask do tell" concept)


Political Theory Sample database tables
Bill of Rights 2 static table

Newsfeed static table

Microsoft Access work

Political argument static table

 database; development links

Mockup database link

Link for argument database argdb3

The jsp's that were on are no longer available. I am looking into ways to replace this facility. In the meantime, static copies of tables from that site are available. is now my resume site.

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Current hot issues: (1): self-publishing online and professionalism  (2/2006)
(2): filial responsibility laws (3/2006)
(3) Vote "No" on Virginia's Marshall/Newman "marriage" amendment  (4/2006); this measure "won" in the 11/07/2006 election