00000005 00000001 draft draft 00000001 dadt JWB volunteers National service would trample effective volunteer programs 19970711
00000004 00000001 draft draft 00000001 dadt JWB national service A draft should be enlarged as mandatory national service, include women, spread out over many years to serve obligation, would inculcate ethics and shared sacrifice 19970711
00000003 00000001 draft draft 00000001 dadt JWB Draft and gay ban A draft would have to deal with the military gay ban. It could have indirect effects on defense-related employment for gay civilians later 19970711
00000002 00000001 draft draft 00000001 dadt JWB Draft as slavery A draft would constitute involuntary servitude or slavery, and would even violate the right to life by forcing one person to sacrifice himself for another. “Do Ask Do Tell”
00000001 00000001 draft draft 00000001 dadt Moskos, Glastris Not enuf ppl for home se We will not be able to meet all of our homeland defense needs with reservists. Moskos proposes a draft of 18 months, including women, no deferments, with choices of serve. A draft brings cultural awareness into the defense effort. A draft recognizes that freedom always implies shared sacrifice and the circumscription of external threats 19970711
00000060 00000004 implicit con implicit con 00000004 dadt site Boushka implicit content immature student may mimic action or feel enticed if author has no apparent reason for posting 19991202
00000041 00000004 COPA COPA 00000004 dadt site Stevens civil v issue For COPA (Child Online Protection Act) the civil penalties may well have a chilling effect on small web operators with “borderline” putatively HTM content. The standard of proof is less (51% - a preponderance of the evidence) and the defendant could have enormous legal bills. 19991202
00000034 00000006 Gay military Gay military 00000006 Rand proposal JWB Live and Let Live Gay soldiers should make open publication of sexual orientation but should serve without witch-hunts or asking or harassment. 19930701
00000033 00000006 Gay military Gay military 00000006 Rand proposal A Belkin Foreign militaries Military services of Britain, Canada, Israel and Australia have not experienced difficulties with unit cohesion or “privacy” after lifting the ban. 19930701
00000032 00000006 Gay military Gay military 00000006 Rand proposal Sam Nunn Unit cohesion The presence of “open” gays in military units would violate the privacy of non-homosexual soldiers given the non-sexual bonding, unit cohesion, close quarters, forced intimacy, “hot bunking” and sometimes other very intimate situations (like sharing ponchos in cold weather exercises), and by definition military personnel must be deployable into any situation. 19930701
00000061 00000007 implicit con implicit con B3211 00000007 Washington Post Slaytor professionalism Employers watch applicants' sites, want them to be professionally managed by 3rd parties, and view amateur sites as conversation 20060212
00000062 00000008 implicit con implicit con B3210 00000008 Washington Po Nakashima ad M S others posts rumors posted by others on web can ruin job prospects, and bloggers have no legal training as to the defamation they can commit 20070307
00000063 00000009 elder single elder single B1204 00000009 NBC Nightly News Brian Williams Snyderman elderly singles may not have children to care for them bt may have to care for their own parents 20070502
00000064 00000010 Gay military Gay military 00000010 SLDN SLDN Osburn Gay discharges went down in Iraq war 20070301