A note on academic cheating


This site contains an enormous amount of material about different subjects. Some of the material, such as the book reviews, could be attractive for academic plagiarism.


I do not assist plagiarism, and I am not available for hire to assist in plagiarism or academic cheating.


Anyone may quote any of my material within reason, giving proper attribution under the doctrine of �fair use� under the copyright law. This would be true for term papers, also. Normally academic environments require proper bibliographic attribution.


Students should always be objective in using material in research. If you are writing a book report and want to note what any reviewer, including me, has said about the book, then collect a number of opinions and come to your own conclusions from them.


Academic cheating leads the way to corporate cheating, which threatens our financial stability and even political cheating, which threatens our democracy. However, assisting in academic cheating for commercial gain does not itself seem to be a crime, although it seems likely that it eventually will be as the public understands the problem more.


ABC �Primetime Live� ran a special report on academic cheating on April 29, 2004. There is also an important  book �The Cheating Culture� by David Callahan, reviewed here, and an important film "The Perfect Score," reviewed here. There are companies dedicated to catching Internet-based plagiarism, such as Turnitin.com.


I have more about this at my blogspot entry. The viewer should also look at the discussion of paraphrase (look for the term) at my intellectual property link.


Please see my disclaimers page for a note on embedded images.


Bill Boushka

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