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NAME and link Type Dates Published Date work started Footnote code prefix Footnote form E-commerce? POD?
Prospectives on Liberty essays 1987, 1999 1986     N  
Third Party Publications essays 1994-1999 1994     N  
Do Ask, Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back (1) book 1997/07/11 1994 DADT1 FN# Y Y
Do Ask Do Tell 1: Supplementary Essays (4) essays 1997/09/28 1996 EssaysDADT1 FN# Y
Our Fundamental Rights book 1998/12/30 1998 OFR FN# Y N
Intermediate Essays (6) essays 2001 2000        
Do Ask, Do Tell: When Liberty Is Stressed (2) book 2002/12/01 2002 DADT2 FN# Y Y
Controversial Issues (30) essays 2003-2006 2003 CE BlogYYMMDD Y (one essay)
Do Ask, Do Tell: Speech Is a Fundamental Right (3, (draft, undergoing revision) book TBA (prelim. 2011) 2011 DADT3 BlogYYMMDD TBA TBA
Do Ask, Do Tell 3: Supplementary Essays (link in book listed right above) essays 2013 2013 EssaysDADT3 BlogYYMMDD  
Sibebars notes 1998 1996        
COPA Notes notes 2000 1999        
Proposed bills (Legislation Reference List) notes 2013 2011        
List of court opinions notes 2013 2011        
List of news items notes 2013 2011        

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