The 1996 Essays

This material was originally intended to compose the last four chapters of the DADT book, as conceived in the Spring of 1996. At that time, the long "Gays in the Military" (now Chapter 4) Chapter was going to be Chapter 3, and the material in the present Chapters 3, 5 and 6 was presented in four separate chapters, numbered 4 through 7. The text of the "Right to Privacy" Amendment was to be a separate appendix.

The 1997 form of the book turned out to be more effective, I believe, because the material is presented in the chronological sequence in which I actually came to understand it. This was the suggestion of a literary agent.

"Old" Chapter 4: Morality's Third Normal Form

"Old" Chapter 5: Family Values: Let's Have an Honest Debate

"Old" Chapter 6: A Fair and Prosperous Workplace

"Old" Chapter 7: Personal Autonomy: A New "Dawn of Man"