Jurisdiction Session Introduction Date Identification Short Ttile Long Title News commentary Result Links
US House   2013 2013/06/18 HR 2417 Shield Act; Grid Act Secure High-Voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act   failed Senate Govtrack
VA   2013 2013/02/13            
US House 113 R Goodlatte, R-Va 2013/10/23 HR 3309 Innovation Act   Fox News, 12/5/2013 passed House Congress
CA     2013/10 SB-255 Revenge Porn Prohibited distribution of personal information through electronic communications services   passed leginfoca
States     2013/09   Section 230 change Put "state laws" into areas where Section 230 will not apply   latent NAAG
US Congress 113 P Schumer D-NY 2013/05/06 S 866, HR 2766   Patent Quality Improvement Act of 2013   latent Thomas
US Congress 113 P De Fazio (D-OR) 2013/02/27 JR 845 SHIELD Act Saving High-Tech Inventors from Egregious Legal Disputes Act   Intro govtrack
US Congress 133 Longren, D-Wi 2013/02 ? Aaron's Law limit criminal liability for hacking to "real hacking"   Proposed techdraft
TN     2011/07/01 362 Harrasment Act (To prohibit posting pictures of people online without permission when emotional distress can result) Euguene Volokh "Conpiracy" article passed TN leg.
US Congress 112 L Smith (R-TX) 2011/10/26 HR 3261 SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act   failed Govtrack, . Judiciary
US Congress 112 Leahy (D-VT) 2011/05.12 S968 Protect-IP, or PIPA Preventing Real Time Threats to Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property   failed Govtrack
US Congress 111 Altimre, Jason, Lieberman (I-CT) 2010/12/10 HR6250, S1233, S4022, S4023 DADT Repeal Don;t Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 Wikipedia passed, effective with certification on 2011/09/20 Thomas
Congress     2002 /10     McCain Feingold, Campaign-Finance Reform FEC's own writeup    
US Congress 109   2006/10/01 HR 683 Prospective Trademark Dilution Trademark Dilution Act of 2005   passed govtrack
US Congress 103   1993/11/30   DADT enclosure 654 Defense Authorization Act of 1993 SLDN history of regs thru repeal, 1994-2011, "Survival Guide" passed DADT, Appendix 10

Last updated Dec. 5, 2013