Date Writer Title Publication link labels
2014/02/05 Rebecca Smith "Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terroris," Wall Street Journal Online power grid, terrorism
2013/12/31 Eugene Robinson "Unemployment benefits: The cruelist cut of them all" Washington Post Online unemployment, hyper-individualsm, meritocracy
2013/12/04  Charles Krauthammer "Mexico radioactive theft shows need for a secure border" Fox News Online terrorism, WMD
2013/12/04 Trustwave Spiderlabs "Look What I Found" Moar Pony!" Trustwave Online Internet safety, passwords, hacking, keylogging
2013/11/29 Chris Johnson "How goes the transition to open military service? Don't ask" Washington Blade Online, print gays in the military, gay marriage
2013/10/07 grouip "FBI Releases more info on Arkansas Power Grid Attacks" THV11 Online power grid. terrorism
2013/09/28 Serge F. Kovaleski "Despite outlaw image, Hell's Angels sue often" New York Times Online trademark
2013/09/20  Derek Khanna "Congress Could Throttle Innovation with Two Measly Words" Slate Online Section 230, defamation, donwstream liability
2013/06/26 CNN "Supreme Court gives two big victories for gay rights CNN Online gay marriage
2012/05/11 WTAE "Court: Son must pay mom's nursing home debts" WTAE, Pittsburgh Online, local broadcast filial responsbility laws
2011/05/11 Fox "US Tsy's Geithner: Social Security to Exhaust Assets by 2036" Fox News Live Online Social Security
2011/05/11 Chris Johuson "House panel adopts anti-gay amendments in defense bill" Washington Blade Online, print Gays in the military
2011/05/09 Rosalind S. Heldeman "Virginians are almost evenly split on gay marriage" despite Marshall-Newman amendment Washington Post Online, print Gay marriage
2005/10/12 Washington Times editorial "Suffocating the First Amendment" Washington Times online, also earlier version June 1, 2005 here. FEC "public communications clause" and apparent court ruling that it could apply to the Internet
2005/10/11 Washington Post editorial "Cyber Loophole" Washington Post online Politiclaly-connected company could use subtrefuge blogging to get around campaign fianance
2005/06/29 Kathie's Politech report on FEC hearings personal blog online FEC might have to regulate all bloggers to prevent abuse in campaigns
2005/03/24 Personal Democracy, Media FEC tries to carve out rules for blogging NP article online FEC draft regulations here.
2005/03/24 Cox and Forum   Cox and Forum online how ordinary blogger owning a company could get into trouble
2005/03/22 Dan Withers "Specter of regulation haunts political blogs" Chicago Tribune online ruling by Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, case by Shays abd Meehan
2004/09/24 Carol D. Leonnig "Judge Strikes down 15 FEC rues on campaign finance" Washington Post online detailed storu of Kotelly's ruling
2004/09/21 editorial "FEC's Mockery of its onw law" New York Times online more on Kotelly


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