Jurisdiction Location Date Case subject matter News story link Opinion/brief link Result
Supreme Court Washington DC 2015/6/26 Obergefell v Hodges Gay marriage by state Mine SCOTUS state laws struck down
Federal district court Norfolk VA 2014/02/13 Bostom. Shawl, London, Townley v Mairney Schaffer McQuigg VA Marshall-Newman (anti-gay marriage)   Afer struck down
Federal Circuit Washington DC 2014/01/14 FCC v Indepedemt Telephpne network neutrality   Scribd net neutrality overturned
Federal Circuit New York, NY 2013/12/27 ACLU v Clapper NSA wiretap NYT NY Fed courts constitutional
Federal circuit Washington DC 2013/12/16 Klayman v Obama NSA wiretap   NYT Unconstitutional, deferred
Federal circuit Salt Lake City, UT 2013/12/13 Brown v Buhrman, state of UTAH sexual privacy, polygamous cohabitation   Federal courts unconstitutional
Federal Appeals 6th Circuit 2013/11/19 Sarah Jones v. Dirty World Section 230, defamation EFF amicus EFF open, plaintiff won at district
Federal District NJ, WA 2013/08 approx Internet Archive v. Hoffman;
Internet Archive v. McKenna
Section 230 EFF Follow EFF links  
Federal District Ft. Worth, TX 2013/08 Baker v. DeShong domain names, business disparagement, defamation, SLAPP   Public Citizen ongoing, trial in 2015
Federal Appeals 9th Circuit 2013/02/05 Righthaven v. Wayne Hoehn copyright, fair use, standing of copyright owner   randazza defendant wins
Supreme Court   2013/06/26  U.S. v. Windsor gay marriage   SCOTUS plaintiff wins
Supreme Court (CA) 2013/06/26 Hollingsworth v Perry gay marriage   SCOTUS no standing
Federal appeals 7th Circuit 2011/08/03 Flava Works v MdVister embeds and copight   Scribd. Techdirt over turn lower court, here
Supreme Court   2012/01 U.S. v Jones surveillance   SCOTUS upheld
Federal District Nevada 2010/10/19 Righthaven v.Realty One Group copyright, fair use   Las Vegas Sun defendant wins
Supreme Court   2010/01/24 Citizens United v. FEC political spending as speech   SCOTUS free speech personhood right implicit in campaign funding upheld
Federal District Philadelphia, PA 2007/03/21 ACLU v. Gonzalez COPA, Child Online Protection Act   Paed Plaintiffs
DC Circuit Washington DC 2004/09/18 Shays and Meehan v. FEC McCain-Feingold campaign finance and ordinary bloggers   FEC seems to roll back some protections for bloggers
Supreme Court   2004/06/29 ACLU v. Ashcroft COPA   dadtlink remanded
Supreme Court   2003/12/10 McConnell v. FEC campaign finance reform, possible regulation of political blogging   Cornell mostly upheld
Supreme Court   2002/05/13 ACLU v. Ashcroft COPA   Findlaw remanded
Supreme Court (TX) 2003/06/26 Lawrence v. Texas LGBT, sodomy laws   Justia Plaintiffs
Supreme Court (GA) 1986/06/30 Hardwick v. Bowers sodomy laws   Cornell state
Federal Appeals 5th Circuit (for TX) 1985/08/26 Baker v. Wade GLBT, sodomy laws   Wikipedia state won at appeal. plaintiff Baker had won at district level
Supreme Court   1981 Rostker v. Goldberg male only draft   Findlaw upheld (although draft was no longer in effect)
Supreme Court   1979 Smith v. Maryland surveillance, pen register   Findlaw pen register uphled
Court of Appeals. CA CA 1979 Binrdim v. Mitchell libel   UMKC  law school It is possible to libel someone with fiction if resemblance to real person is apparent enough
Supreme Court   1960 Flemming v Nestor social security   Findlaw no property right to social security
Supreme Court (KS) 1954 Brown v Board of Education segregation History Our documents  
Supreme Court 1896 Plessy v Ferguson segregation History Cornell "separate but equal"