Welcome to my new home page for “Doaskdotell.com”.

The two-column layout will give the visitor a logical view of what I am doing, and what is most important.

On the left column I link to all my blogs, and have them grouped so that the “media reviews” blogs show up first.  Please note the cross reference link (XREF) that will help the visitor locate those items that are most important to me.  Generally, if I have provided a direct reference from this XREF, there is some reason why I think some visitors will focus on it.

The Blogs are my main vehicle for informing visitors of major news items that matter most “in my world” (and I hope in “yours”).

One problem with the “media blogs” is that where I have placed some reviews may seem arbitrary, so the XREF should help.  Movies that deal with particular threats to civilization and “life was we know it” have generally been placed on the blog “Films on Major Challenges to Freedom”, called “Cautionary” on the left column. The XREF will help locate them. Also, the decision to place certain films on the “Movies” blog or the “TV” blog has sometimes been a bit arbitrary.  The XREF also points to many reviews on doaskdotell in the movies and books directory that pre-date blogging (which started in 2006).

The right column introduces what I am working on now, and then lists the links to online versions of my five books, including the most recent “DADT III”, which right now is being distributed only from self-printed copies. (I may do a Kindle later.)

The lower side of the right column does list links to “older” concepts in the site.  I realize that there is a great deal of potential redundancy in the site, all of which is in the search engines.  I am not removing the redundancy right now, but I am point the reader to the materials that are the most current.

Right now, there are 16 blogs in Blogger and one on a supplementary site, “BillBoushka.com”. (“Bill” is my nickname and I have used it as a quasi-pseudonym in my books; “Bill” and “John William” or “John W.” are interchangeable.)  All blogs are public, as are my Facebook and Twitter feeds (links under “contact”).  I have not linked the blogs to paid domain names, and I realize that there can be issues with depending on someone else’s “free service”. So at some point in the future I may reduce the number of blogs, or may map them to a paid space that I control, if necessary to guarantee reliable access. I have backed up all my content, both on hard drives, flash drives, and with “Cloud-based” backup services.  So I should always have all my content, although as a practical matter if can be difficult to restore access to all of it quickly.  The XREF is viewed as a hedge against that possible need.  There is a possibility that I will also install some “flat” files to report very brief news items.

Generally, most of my blogs carry generic advertising, but my flat-site areas will not.

I don’t plan to create mobile versions of doaskdotell web pages right now.  Because of the relatively static and text-oriented content, it’s not as necessary. I have offered the mobile option on a few of my blogs, but I can’t test it on my own Blackberry.

I welcome comments. The best way to comment is on my blogs. Comments are monitored by I usually can process them quickly. All legitimate comments are posted (but not “spam”).

If you want to comment on an item in the “flat files” on the ste, for now, please send an email (JBoushka at aol.com).  It will be posted in the Reader’s directory (right-hand column, toward bottom).  That is the same as it has always been. I’ll work on automating the comments.

This site does NOT request personal information or require log in or passwords.  To purchase books, customers must use e-commerce sites (Amazon, BN, iUniverse), or communicate with me by email.

Sept. 29, 2011