This document will help the visitor remain informed about recent postings I have made on my other sites, or on other 3rd party platforms.

The most important activity will be placed in reverse chronological order, identifying the blog or file, and sometimes an abbreviated title.

Here is the key for the identifiers for the blogs


Mov     Bills Movie Reviews, news, previews

TV         Bills television reviews

Play      Bills music and drama reviews

Book     Bills book reviews, news, previews

Cf           Bills reviews of media about threats to freedom


Bill           Main technology blog

Iss            Bills Major issues

Int            Bills   International Issue

Ret           Bill retires

GLBT        Bills GLBT news

IT              Bills IT Jobs

Saf           Bill Internet Safety Tios

ID             Identity theft and debt collection

NN           Network neutrality debate

TD            Trademark and patent problems

FIL             Child protection on the Internet

Wordpress hosted:

Medc        Bill’s media commentary (includes movies, books, plays and music compositions)

Newsc      Bill’s news commentary (opinion pieces about current major social and political issues)

Dadtn       Do Ask Do Tell Notes:  footnotes and items mainly for people who have purchased copies of my books or want to, or who know me

Med          Bill’s media reviews (mainly my own video and music composition and issues related to these; some special reviews)

Jan 28    dadtn discussion of special actions

Jan 26, 27  newsc public health emergency

Jan 23  Bill  gratuitous YouTube comments issue

Jan 13   dadtn     discussion of stepped-up basis for income tax problem

Jan. 13   Bill – discussion of Protect Kids Act

Jan 10   Bill   YouTube Monetization

Jan  9    Bill   future plans 2022 and beyonf

Jan 7     Newsc     future plans 2022 and beyond



Reverse chronological order entries (will be maintained weekly):

Dec 24   medc:  Star wars,  A Hidden Life, Bombshell

Dec 22  newsc  “he can do better than that”

              Bill     YouTube monetization

Dec 9      Bill: COPRA

Dec. 8     newsc:  What the world “as it is” wants from me

Dec 7      Bill:  COPPA mixed audience

               INT:  DPRK

Dec 6     Iss:  mass demonstrations

Dec 4     CCPA


Nov.  29    Medc   Queen and Slim”;  Play:  Stanford

Nov 28      Bill:  COPPA ;  Iss: lifespans;  GLBT:  Thanksgiving event report



Important article on Medium about power grid link;

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(Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 12 noon EST)