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Major Objectives:

This site (with the sister sites (obsolete as of 7/31/2005) and presents an objective approach (that I call "Do Ask, Do Tell") to social and political issues ("sociology"), where arguments and counter-arguments are directly compared. The concept comports with the notion of "open source."

Although it originated with resisting the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays, the approach applies to any social problem balancing individual freedom with supposed collective welfare. There is more discussion in my assessment essay.

The major components of my plan to develop this concept are as follows:

(1) books now published

(2) motion picture and book projects planned

(3) database project planned

(4) motion picture, book, and drama reviews

(5) miscellaneous links

See the domain name disclaimer below.  Here is my contact information.   Here was the original mission statement from 1997.



 This site does contain a large volume of materials accumulated since the middle 1990s (a little material even written in the 1980s). Most of the material is organized around the six chapters of the first "Do Ask Do Tell" book, into footnote files, which in turn point to "sidebar" files with detailed notes about various specific political issues. There are separate sets of essays written in 1996 and in 2000; and there is a list of "editorials" written since 2004. There is a movie project "photo file" and a section of movie, book, and drama reviews, with emphasis on the political and social significance of movies, books and plays.

My practice of mixing personal narratives with researched material seems provocative or gratuitous to some people. Viewed from a personal perspective, many issues take on a different spin than when they are presented merely in a professional, "clinical" and often pedantic manner. Sometimes personal experiences can show that seemingly different problems really are linked and should be discussed together, in tandem.

I realize that a large amount of the material appears to be just "notes", somewhat like blogs, but not in reverse order and not written with blogging software. They appear unedited, and they often are.

This comes from the difficulty of "hitting a moving target," especially with no money. Professional news organizations edit and archive their material and it looks "professional" but it is often difficult from commercial news sites to figure out how to connect the dots. By organizing my material around (1) the outline of my first book (admittedly one of those "save the world" books that were popular in the 70s as a New Age genre) (2) literary reviews, and (3) commentaries, I think I can help keep the visitor much more current on how developing issues interconnect. Bear in mind that most non-fiction policy books, written by celebrities or professional or academic authorities, often become obsolete in a year or two. I am trying, with no money, to figure out how to deliver the analysis efficiently. A significant aspect of the site is the likelihood of visitors finding various files, whether editorial, book chapters, reviews or just notes, randomly from search engines, and then following links; so some redundancy is to be expected, which would not be the case with a formal physical book. Yes, I am interested in attracting money or companies that could put these ideas into execution in a more "professional" manner.

Bill Boushka   8/7/2006

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