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This site's "internal" index is run about once every 7 to 14 days. Therefore, any particular page, when read, could have more or less content than indicated by the search results. This is true of all search engines. It is always possible to have "false positives" and "false negatives" with respect to current content until the index is rebuilt. This "internal" index does not have caches. 

Some search engines have trouble indexing http://www.doaskdotell.com/content/xchap5.htm because the size is greater than 500K. For some reason, picosearch did not index http://www.doaskdotell.com/movies/tidbits.htm although the movie names would be picked up from the /movies index. The photo manual http://www.doaskdotell.com/photo has also become too large for Pico to index.

You can search this file manually for any characters string in any browser.

Most of the terms on that file will also appear on achap5.htm and wchap5.htm in the same directory.

Many of the files on this domain have appeared on other domains, especially hppub.com (no longer belonging to me) and on AOL hometown (screennames jboushka and jbfreedom). A few were put on johnwboushka.com during the Hurricane Wilma outage in 2005. These have been orphaned and will gradually drop off search engines. A few have been replaced with pointers to this domain (especially those associated with the first book).

My contact link is http://www.doaskdotell.com/contact.htm

Note:  Picosearch is no longer available (as of 7/1/2014).  I will work on this new search facility and get it to index deeper soon. (7/5/2014)